Found new hardware keeps appearing

  thewasp 16:13 24 Jan 2008

"Found new hardware" keeps popping up every time I connect my Epson T522 printer.

I have installed the drivers and it works fine.

If I follow the wizard's instructions it asks me for a cd which I don't have and the install fails.

  ambra4 17:12 24 Jan 2008

“Found new hardware" keeps popping up every time I connect my Epson T522 printer”

Is a reason that you are disconnect and reconnecting the printer as “Found new hardware” will appear and ask for the CD every time you connect the printer to the USB port

There is no need to disconnect the printer; Also the printer must be reconnected to the same USB port that it was disconnect from

  Sea Urchin 17:17 24 Jan 2008

Or if you have to disconnect it (perhaps for space reasons) then connect it before you switch on the pc - and as ambra4 says to the same USB port.

  pj123 17:56 24 Jan 2008

Never heard of an Epson T522 printer.

Are you sure it's an Epson?

  thewasp 18:00 24 Jan 2008

Sorry, it's a Lexmark.

As soon as I switch the printer on I get the "Found new hardware" bubble.

Is there any way of cancelling the wizard?

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