forwarded e-mail messages

  ajacks 22:11 08 Apr 2003


When E-mail messaages have been forwarded from person to person eg:jokes & such like,the message lines get broken up and lots of >>>> appear.

Is there a way of stopping this and why does it happen?



  Peter E 23:18 08 Apr 2003

Tools-Options, Send tab, and then in Plain Text Settings remove tick from Indent original text with (symbol)when replying or forwarding. This setting is on by default and not many people realise it's there.

Symbols other than > can be used - they are there to indicate the original message lines as opposed to any new message you may type above the original (or below it or in the middle of it).


  MIke 23:44 08 Apr 2003

If you want to clean any e-mails you receive of these anoying arrows then there is a program available called e-filter. I had it on a coverdisc but it can be downloaded from click here

I used it under Win 98 and it also appears to be working fine under my XP upgrade.

  ajacks 07:27 09 Apr 2003

I`ll use both suggestions

  Andsome 08:00 09 Apr 2003

You don't need to clutter your computer with downloaded programs to clean up e-mails before forwarding. It is a little more tedious, but keeps one more program off your computer. Click to forward the e-mail. It is then easy to start at the bottom and backtrack deleting all the > signs on the way, and to generally tidy the whole thing up.

  Goldcroft 08:16 09 Apr 2003

Used to have to do that Andsome, but if you are getting and forwarding a lot of longish emails it is incredibly tedious. I have recently downloaded eCleaner as suggested by MIke. But have yet to master forwarding the cleaned up email simply rather than cutting and pasting.

  MIke 17:24 12 Apr 2003

I cut and paste too!

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