sdf 23:57 13 Oct 2004

I've often wondered as I think it would be a cracking addition to my website... what would be involved in operating a forum - such as this one (tho I dare say more simplistic!). what software does one need? are there specific hosting packages etc?

  Taran 00:08 14 Oct 2004

There are one or two forums that only use text files as the underlying database but they still require PHP support. I would always recommend that you have or arrange web hosting with full PHP and MySQL support. This allows you a 'proper' database which offers far more potential flexibility.

One of my own favourites is phpBB click here

It is an excellent product and well worth looking into.

If you have simpler needs and your web host supports FrontPage Server Extensions you can use FrontPage to generate a discussion board in a few mouse clicks. It is primitive by comparison to phpBB but it works beautifully and is drop-dead easy to get up and running with.

Another good option is YABB (Yet Another Bulletin Board) and if you don't mind paying, Invision Power Board click here is about the best of the bunch.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that unless you spend the time and effort moderating the forum your guests could post all sorts of things on there, some of which could potentially get you into hot water.

There is a lot more to it than just bolting a bulleting board into your site and you should make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before even tihnking about trying it out.

  sdf 00:37 14 Oct 2004

Thanx for the heads up Taran, I was thinking of providing a degree of moderation, filtering out outwardly racist stuff etc, but still allowing people to express their views on topics. What sort of stuff could I, as the site owner, even if I have a disclaimer disassociating myself & the site with the views expressed here in? Deformation of character? I do like the idea but obviously don’t wanna end up getting sued/shut down or nothing 00:57 14 Oct 2004 You dont need any software at all.

Here's mine, as a sample of what you can do with little effort. click here

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