forum suggestion, please read this...

  jeez 01:21 26 Apr 2003

Sorry FE for this posting but wouldn't it be nice if pca put a little box on this site to show how many people are here at any one time? I'm convinced I'm here on my own sometimes, boo hoo hoo, no, seriously though let's conduct an experiment. If your reading this just post back 'I'm here'. Hope you'll think about my suggestion pca thanks, jim.

  Sion 01:23 26 Apr 2003

your not alone Jeez!!!!!!!! although you probably should be in bed. I mean, who in their right mind would be logged in to a PC Helproom forum at 1.21am?

  MAJ 01:30 26 Apr 2003


  jeez 01:32 26 Apr 2003

Hey, I've never once claimed I'm in my right mind.:-) Thanks for the response though. Maybe if enough people reply thinking this is a good Idea pca may be persuaded, after all, this is an excellent forum and it would be useful if you had an urgent problem to know there are people actually on line at that time, as well as satisfying all our insomniac's curiosity!

  powerless 01:35 26 Apr 2003

I don't log out ;-) 24 hour Forumlaholic :-)

  powerless 01:36 26 Apr 2003


  jeez 01:42 26 Apr 2003

hey, just to make it clear anyone who agree's with my suggestion re-post, (or if your just reading this) 'fe - I agree' thanks to all

  tell 01:47 26 Apr 2003

you should all be in bed fast asleep at this time of the morning

  krimson 01:56 26 Apr 2003


  jeez 01:58 26 Apr 2003

hey, speak for yourself, this is the only time I can get away from the mrs! (apart from work) lol

  leo49 02:06 26 Apr 2003

Another Groundhog Day thread.

If you're lonely,cuddle your Jdbgmgr.exe.... :o)

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