This forum site does not remember my details

  bines 15:03 25 Feb 2003

Every time I log on to this site I dutifully type my e-mail address and password and tick the box which says it will remember my details. I also say 'yes' to the Windows box which also offers to save my password.

In spite of all this I still have to re-type the whole lot every time. What am I missing please?


  tran1 15:12 25 Feb 2003

Are you running any disk clean up utilities or registry/spyware remover programs? if so, they will clean out your internet cookies and history files.

  jazzypop 16:49 25 Feb 2003

You're missing a cookie.

You are either blocking cookies, or deleting your cookies.

  Pappyon 17:31 25 Feb 2003

Exactly the same thing happens to me, 9 times out of ten, and it occurs without me making any changes whatsoever to cookies, or running any spyware programs etc!
I have seen me coming back to this site after 15 minutes and I have to type my username and password, after it having been showing the previous visit.
I have tried putting PC Advisor in my trusted sites, and it makes no difference.
I wish somebody would tell me what to do to remedy the situation, as it can be quite annoying!

  bines 09:32 26 Feb 2003

Thanks for the replies so far. I'm not using any spyware, nor am I blocking cookies. I will check it out just to be sure.

I am using Norton anti-virus, is there any possibility that it is somehow blocking something?


  Andsome 09:47 26 Feb 2003

Maybe the FE does not like you, and is trying to put you off visiting the site.

  GroupFC 10:18 26 Feb 2003

I am a new and novice PC user and the same thing happens to me BUT only when I am using Opera and not IE6. I do have Spywareblaster, AVG and Adaware installed.

If it is something to do with blocked/deleted cookies surely I would have to enter address and password when using either browser or is it something (but goodness knows what!)to do with how the browser has been set up?

Of course , if I am talking complete rubbish no doubt someone will put me right!

  hugh-265156 13:40 26 Feb 2003

same problem here.takes two goes to log in.not complaining though as i always get good advice here.

  hgrock 14:52 26 Feb 2003

if you delete cookies and temp internet files you will always have to reenter your details

  bines 20:32 12 Mar 2003

Yes you got it in one - i wasn't keeping the latest versions of pages so the info was always lost when I logged off the helproom.

Many thanks to all who posted their responses.

  Andsome 08:03 13 Mar 2003

I disagree about the Temp Internet Files bit of your posting. I have IE set to delete Temp Internet files on closing the browser, and I never have any problems. I agree that deleting all cookies can cause a problem.

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