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  laurie53 15:33 08 Nov 2007

I seem to have a vague memory of being able to search the forum(s) by members' posts (other than your own), but I can't seem to find such a facility.

Has it disappeared or is my memory at fault?

  mad1234 15:35 08 Nov 2007

look just above contact forum editor & yuo should find search forum

  johnnyrocker 15:37 08 Nov 2007

or on this page it is to the right of helproom.


  laurie53 15:51 08 Nov 2007

Sorry, didn't make myself clear.

I want to be able to search the forum(s) for all the posts by one particular member, other than myself, of course.

I thought it was possible, but can't now find it.

  johnnyrocker 16:04 08 Nov 2007

i dont recall that facility being available at any time.


  johnnyrocker 16:07 08 Nov 2007

it is however available on other forums such as digital spy, maybe you are getting confused?


  laurie53 21:13 08 Nov 2007

Thanks for that.

I was beginning to think that myself

  Woolwell 23:23 08 Nov 2007

You can type in the member's username in the search box and that will find posts by that member. However it is subject to the same limitations as a normal search.

  laurie53 08:25 09 Nov 2007

Already tried that.

It only finds posts where the member's name is mentioned in the text, not really what I wanted, but thanks for the response.

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