forum screan page too wide for my monitor

  end 12:44 03 Jan 2005

on Tower;

win 98 se IE6
CRT monitor
800by600 resolution

screan is 16inches across the diagonal

windows standard text

I have been having difficulties with another forum, and, whilst researching that, have discovered that my screan on THIS forum is missing the right hand side of the page and I have to scroll to the right by about an inch; I had not noticed this because there is no info I need on that side of this page .

what resolutions should i perhaps be using for this forum ( sorry folks , but this has only just come to light, and I am beginning to wish that it had not!!))

(I will have to check on my work computers to see if the same applies there, but cannot "tweek"

NB; I am NOT a "computer wiz kid", so "basic" stuff would be appreciated please; I will have to check if it is the same effect when I read the individual threads themselves or if it only applies to when I am reading the "main index " page ..

(please let me know if I have "missed" any vital info that anyone needs to help with this)
tas muchly

??what "resolutions" SHOULD this forum be "read" at?

  end 12:50 03 Jan 2005

have just checked, and it is the same with reading inside the threads ; I have to scroll to the right to read it, but on this site it is normally the ads, so dont normally need to be "aware" of it:)

  pj123 12:51 03 Jan 2005

I would suggest you set your res for 1024x768.

My monitor is a 15" and set to 800x600 and I too have to scroll right a bit. As you say, there is nothing there anyway so I am leaving mine as it is.

  Forum Editor 13:32 03 Jan 2005

and all should be well. Things will look better, too.

  pj123 18:05 03 Jan 2005

Don't forget that set to 1024x768 everything will appear very much smaller. So if your eyesight isn't that good anymore you may have to live with 800x600. If I set my resolution to 1024x768 my partner has a problem reading the text, which is another reason for leaving it at 800x600.

  end 18:11 03 Jan 2005

I have already "taken a gander" at the smaller size , but I need to adjust my text size to compensate and that is giving me grief now, as not sure how to proceed and where to look for changing it, or how to:(

I presume I need to expand the smaller screan size to fill my monitor screan?

  megat193 18:17 03 Jan 2005

A resolution of 1024x768 will certainly, by default, make things smaller, but there are ways of combatting small text etc. Firstly in Desktop properties you can go for larger fonts and icons, which requires a bit of experimentation to get right, especially the vertical and horizontal icon spacing. Secondly, if you are using IE5 or 6, or Netscape then in the 'View' tab you can increase or decrease the text size to suit the viewer.

Hope this helps.

  7513 18:22 03 Jan 2005

if you right click on a clear place on the desktop/properties/settings/advanced/ you will see where to change your fonts

  Dorsai 18:26 03 Jan 2005


If you use Firefox, you can set a minimum text size, and it seems to work fine for increasing the text on this fourum, without effecting the page layout. It's under tools>options>general tab, fonts and colours button.

Look for the drop down menu, 'minimum font size', and set it to whaever you find works for you.

  pj123 18:28 03 Jan 2005

megat193, I'm not even going to go there. I'll stay with 800x600 at least on this monitor.

Just seen a friends 17" TFT monitor and it is set to 1024x768 and looks pretty good. When I can afford one I might change my mind.

  end 18:36 03 Jan 2005

I am using and only have here IE6!! with Windows 98se

( I am hoping that on lappy things will look different!)

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