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  GlasgowMary 00:25 29 Jun 2003

I've, recently, been given a lot of help from VoG and jazzypop on an Excel timesheet that I'm doing for work. It looks and works, I think, brilliantly. But, I couldn't have done it without help from the above subscribers.

One of the subscribers, I don't want to give his email address, also sent me a sample timesheet, which he'd created, that was also very helpful.

I'd really like to post my timesheet so that other users can download it, review and probably improve it.

The only way, at present, seems to be to email subscribers direct.

Why can't PC Advisor provide a site where I can post my file for others to download? There must be lots of times that an example would save a thousand words!

  monkeyshine 00:29 29 Jun 2003

I don't think that is feasible here, but you can do it here, click here

  Forum Editor 00:34 29 Jun 2003

but unfortunately we aren't going to do it.

Provide a site where upwards of 100,000 people could upload files at will - what a nightmare! Imagine the bandwidth requirements. Imagine the copyright breaches. Imagine the indecency prosecutions. Imagine the work required to monitor and moderate such a site, and last of all, imagine the cost.

Another good idea bites the dust I'm afraid Mary, but I'm delighted that you've got an answer to your Excel problem - I've been watching the thread with interest.

  GlasgowMary 01:24 29 Jun 2003

Hi Forum Editor,

Well, I see what you mean! Where are VoG and jazzypop, I'd like their input.

What if you provide a link to subscriber sites?

Eg I run Serv-U on my PC and give permission to others to access a shared folder on my PC. Could you designate a PC Advisor link to my computer that I have authorised?

I haven't really thought through how this would work, for example the cost of subscribers installing Serv-U or other server software.

Is this feasable?

  jazzypop 01:43 29 Jun 2003

I can see why you suggested the idea, but I can't support it, I'm afraid.

It's probably better to get a free piece of Web space (such as a Yahoo briefcase), or upload a file to your own website, if you want to provide a sample file. Then just paste the URL of your site as part of your thread.

This site struggles enough as it is, without another few MB of files being up/downloaded.

  keith-236785 05:05 29 Jun 2003

It is a good idea but in view of all the nasty virus`s out there i for one would not be downloading anything.

as you say Vog & Jazzypop helped you out and thats what this forum is all about, nice of you to want to share your work though & possibly help others.

  VoG II 10:16 29 Jun 2003

A nice idea in principle Mary but impractical as stated above.

Actually I think that there are relatively few Excel afficionados on this site and I think that sharing files by e-mail is quite feasible.

If you come across a really intractable Excel problem then you can go to click here and use colo's HTML Maker utility click here to display your worksheet on the board.

  seedie 10:42 29 Jun 2003

Can you send to me as an attachment please Mary?


  GlasgowMary 15:38 29 Jun 2003

Thanks to VoG for those two great links and to others who replied.

Seedie, attachment on its way to you.

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