User-312386 22:07 07 Jan 2003
  User-312386 22:07 07 Jan 2003

I have never had to ask you to remove a member from the forum but computer_geek_100 has gone beyond the boundary

for posting something very offensive click here . My children come into this forum for advise as well as me and over the years i have seen a change in peoples attitude, in this case i am sure the FORUM EDITOR will REMOVE this person from the forum and report his offences to his ISP

thats all i have to say


  Elrond 22:10 07 Jan 2003

I agree with MadBoy33. Kick this guy out. We don't want to know what he's got to suggest

  mikef™ 22:12 07 Jan 2003

I've contacted the moderator with the same request, we just don't need this sort of postings here.

  Andÿ 22:15 07 Jan 2003

Please use the 'Contact moderator' and not threads :o)

  Quiller. 22:17 07 Jan 2003

Well done madboy33™, Elrond and mikef™.

I have just logged on and am shocked just reading the banners. I am as broadminded as any one, but kids look to this site for information and help.

I refuse to look at the postings.

  spikeychris 22:21 07 Jan 2003

Agree, however he is obviously playing on the responses. If you see a post titled what he had it titled then we should just ignore it. Have a look (your bound to) but don't reply.

Reason why I replied: he even spelt Kazaa wrong ;o)


  Bubbajones 22:31 07 Jan 2003

Where's the FE when you need him/her

  woodchip 22:33 07 Jan 2003

How long is it going to take

  Installer. 22:39 07 Jan 2003

I find it strange that PCA do not have filters in place, to stop some of the more common expletives from being posted.

  spikeychris 22:42 07 Jan 2003

Installer imagine how that would slow down the site...

woodchip thats the point I'm making, there will be times when we are not moderated. Just don't reply and it will get pulled and the person banned.


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