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  stalion 22:01 08 May 2004

any chance in the future of having a facility to see who is on line at any given time and do the other members think it would be a good idea?.

  Lionheart ? 22:04 08 May 2004

Don't see any point in that to be honest.

  Pesala 22:21 08 May 2004

This site is so successful because it deals with questions fast. It is not a place for chat, though we sometimes have a bit of light-hearted banter. You can see who is on line by seeing who responds to the latest threads. That's enough IMO.

  woodchip 22:33 08 May 2004

Its been asked before

  GaT7 22:37 08 May 2004

It's a good thought but will probably slow down the site. Other enhancements (if any, in the pipeline) may be more essential & come before what you ask for.

  VoG II 22:39 08 May 2004

You know something about the site's future that we don't?

Stalion - OK on little sites but too much of an overhead on this one.

  Gongoozler 22:39 08 May 2004

With 139,590 registered users, even if only 0.1% were online at any time, it would still be a long list ;-).

  woodchip 22:43 08 May 2004

Its Ok When you think about it but just think of the Helper to Reader Ratio at any one time

  GaT7 22:52 08 May 2004

VoG - Not at all, mate! That's why I say, 'if any, in the pipeline'. I'm just a regular user/member like everyone else & have no idea about PCA's future Forum plans. I don't think anything is likely to change from the present format for a long time to come, do you?

  VoG II 22:54 08 May 2004

OK - just checking. I'm always the last to know about everything ;o)

  Taran 22:54 08 May 2004

Aside from the necessary server rersources and additonal coding required, one thing above all that would adversely affect such a move is this:

knowing who is online at any time would drive some of the forum traffic underground.

By that I mean that direct email to individuals would start to happen, and solutions to problems might get lost to the forum members in the process.

If you don't know who is online at any time there is no temptation to take problems to private lines of communication - I suspect that certain people would find their inboxes rapidly overflowing since there is a very obvious level of knowledge in specific areas from quite a number of members.

I, for one, prefer my anonymity and I suspect most of the regulars would be in the same frame of mind.

I also value the fact that a solution, if reached, is included into a thread for future reference, and I make sure that even if the solution was arrived at via emal, the details are entered into the originating thread.

There's a lot to be said for anonymity. Sometimes I like to catch up on things, sometimes I go all out in answering queries. That choice is mine to make and I honestly think it would be far more difficult to have that luxury if a long name of online members was flashing away onscreen. And let's not forget the large number of members who rarely post at all, but who read through the threads in search of answers. I'm sure they wouldn't enjoy being obviously oline.

If it ain't broke...

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