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  denali 09:18 21 Oct 2004

?Last evening I had dinner with two friends and the subject of this forum came up. We all agreed with the
excellent advice offered, and the help we had all received, me in particular. Sometime ago I was following a
thread and VoG™ was of the opinion that some of us were inclined to download everything in sight, needed or
not. Now, I have to put myself at the head of this queue. I have just turned sixty and have recently retired. I
had an old PC for almost six years with 98se installed. I would install everything, complete cover disks, I would
follow Pesala’s postings and go into a “click here” frenzy, downloading everything in sight, often more than once. I
never cared because I had the anticipation of my once monthly, format and reinstall. The exhilaration I had
watching everything disappear into the ether, and the nerve tingling excitement of 98se reappearing on an
almost virgin disk was more than worth the time spent loading everything up. Alas! I tinker no more. Three
months ago my family bought me a Mesh PC with XP Pro. I have Office, expensive, but needed for my part-
time work, the usual forum stalwarts Adaware, AVG, RegCleaner and Spybot. I have no SP2 and no firewall.
When Microsoft tells me I have downloads I choose the critical ones and ignore the rest. Every Saturday I
defrag and run all the cleaning programmes. In my three months Adaware has found eleven objects and, touch
wood, that has been the sum total of my problems. I am probably being naive, at best, or extremely lucky. But
on the other hand maybe there is justifiable merit in VoG™ advise.
After posting this I am in desperate need of a fix. Please someone, point me to a download. PS. How do you
format XP?

  User-312386 09:25 21 Oct 2004

XP has it's own firewall-go to start>control panel>Network and Internet Connections>Network Connections. Now right click on your connection and select properties, under the advanced tab you will see the firewall tab, the firewall should be turned on.

With regards to formatting XP, did you get an XP disc or a "restore to factory settings" disc?

  JonnyTub 09:39 21 Oct 2004

lol, your'e not addicted are you denali??? click here

  User-324448 09:41 21 Oct 2004

What I have now and purely by accident (honest) is my old system sitting at the of my new, I try to behave on the new one and fool around with the old, I have a similar situation with my shed, I just cannot get rid on my old motorcycles they share the space now with a couple of old computers, its a bug mate and there is no fix.Prof

  denali 09:49 21 Oct 2004

prof: I know the feeling. Yesterday I somehow managed to split my old 98se hard disk into eight partitions (please do not ask me how) I had partition magic on it and thought I would give it a try. Anyway I shall spent tomorrow trying to get it back to normal

  denali 09:54 21 Oct 2004

JonnyTub: Thank you for that wonderful link. Now if I could just get hold of a download to turn it into a poster for my home office!!!!!!

  JonnyTub 10:11 21 Oct 2004

If you want a biggie, nip of to nasa for their world wind download, zoom in to street level all the way from space, tempting isn't it..... click here

  denali 10:14 21 Oct 2004

JonnyTub: Thank you for the offer but I am afraid this would set me on the rocky road to ruin once more LOL

  denali 10:22 21 Oct 2004

prof. Please do not start me on motorbikes! In the fifties I had a 650 triumph on a Norton frame, I almost slept with it! I still have one wheel and the petrol tank.

  Stuartli 10:34 21 Oct 2004

Apart from perhaps missing the point of denali's thread, it must be pointed out that the original XP firewall is not as good as the free version of ZoneAlarm - SP2's version is an improvement but best to still stick with ZA or similar.

  denali 10:39 21 Oct 2004

Thank you for the responce. I have AOL9 and they have free Mcafee firewall. I simply choose not to install it. I think the only serious point in my post was, Do I really need it?.

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