Formula in "Word" tables?

  Simsy 11:14 14 Sep 2005

Hi folks,

I wonder if the following is possible...

I, and colleagues, apply for leave using a Word template.

Unsurprisingly, we have to enter the start and end dates, in cells in a table. Towards the bottom of the page we have to enter these same dates in a different table.

This Word Doc is emaile dto our admin people, who approve it, (or otherwise!), and print the form off, rip off the bottom bit and place that bit in our postbox. Reciept of this means that we have the leave approved, and have written confirmation...

Regardless of the efficiency of this system, it's what we have...

I wonder if there is a way to have the "cells" in the lower table have the entry made automatically, using a formula. Obviously in Excel it would be easy. Can this be done? Bear in mind that it's in a different table, and I am looking for a formula, NOT a macro.

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 12:45 14 Sep 2005

have a cell in a table equal another cell in the SAME table?

I though this was going to be easy!

(Contents of the cells will be text)

Thanks in anticpation,



  seedie 16:20 14 Sep 2005

I think I can see what you're trying to do but i wonder if it will survive emailing even if it could be achieved. Can't you just phone yer level one for a day's leave? :)))


  Simsy 19:23 14 Sep 2005

a Template, to replace the existing template.

Folk create a new doc by clicking on link to template, fill it in, save it to their local storage an email a copy to dept admin. They can even, if they wish, make there own personal template with personal details filled in.

I'm just trying to obviate the need to repeat date.

Why do you think emailing it would be a problem? Am I missing something?



  Simsy 19:26 14 Sep 2005

an = and

there = their




  lotvic 21:56 14 Sep 2005

I found this Simsy - It's a bit beyond me but I rather think you will understand it. Scroll about 3/4 way down the page

Word Tables and Formula for: click here

  Jackcoms 22:01 14 Sep 2005

I may have missed the point, but why not simply create the same table in Excel and ditch the Word version?

  lotvic 23:41 14 Sep 2005

I agree with Jackcoms. Other than that you could copy the top table/rows and then paste it/them into the bottom bit that they rip off and give back to you. There doesn't seem to be the option to insert text with a formula in a Word Table

  daba 08:09 15 Sep 2005

formatting the table cells to a Heading Style, then the 'summary' at the bottom could include a 'Table of Contents' of those Headings.

  seedie 08:47 15 Sep 2005

Simsy, I just wondered if the problem could not be solved 'as is' then a add-in might be called for.

  Simsy 10:58 15 Sep 2005

Thank for that... I can do that very easily... I was trying to avoid it as almost everyone has a shortcut to a Word doc/template. (In fact since starting this, the shortcut has appeared on an internal Intranet site as well)... though I may go down that avenue.

lotvic and daba... Thanks for those thoughts, I'll look further into it...

Thanks folks.

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