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  Dinkiz 21:07 03 Jan 2003
  Dinkiz 21:07 03 Jan 2003

Hi All,
I need some advice re forms on websites. I've put together quite an extensive family site with all sorts of stuff in, along with several forms. At the moment, when someone fills in the form the Submit button emails the form directly to me. It arrives with loads of plus signs etc like this hello+there+my+name+is etc. Does anyone know how I can set it up so that the form comes to me in a legible format. I've had cgi mentioned to me but haven't a clue what to do. Any help from some webmasters out there would certainly make a balding man not get any balder :o)

Cheers in anticiaption,

  neilpat 21:27 03 Jan 2003

if you are using golive then i can help you, unless you are typing the source code out from memory.

  Dinkiz 21:31 03 Jan 2003

Hi neilpat,

I'm using Dreamwaver 4 but have now also got Dreamweaver MX....any ideas? oh yeah and re 'code'...definately not writing it from memory...wouldn't know where to start :o(

  neilpat 21:34 03 Jan 2003

dont bother with CGI you dont need to

What does the html on the submit button say?

  Dinkiz 06:22 04 Jan 2003

Hi again,

The initial form is set as:

<form name="form1" method="post" action="mailto:[email protected]">

The Submit button is set as:

<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" onClick="MM_popupMsg('Thanks for signing the a Guestbook. \rYour message will be posted soon.\r\r')">

Does that help?

  mackaycc 14:05 04 Jan 2003

If you don't have much previous experience in website design your best bet is to use a free cgi script such as this click here

  Dinkiz 16:06 04 Jan 2003

Thanks, I'll take a look :o)

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