Forms in email & Outlook message - how to supress?

  marc-man 17:15 10 Feb 2004

I have created a survey that we are going to email to customers as an HTML email. The survey is basically just a form that sends the form data back to a specified address within the form code (see below) when the submit button is pressed. The vast majority of our users use Outlook or Outlook Express, so i only need it to work for those.

form method="post" action="mailto:[email protected]?Subject=Questionnaire" Enctype=text/plain>

When submit is pressed Outlook displays the following message:

"This form is being submitted using e-mail.Sunmitting this form will reveal your e-mail address to the recipient, and will send the form data without encrypting it for privacy.
You may continue or cancel this submission."

When you hit continue the form data is emailed correctly. Does anyone know of any way to suppress this message or encrypt the submittion? is there another simple way of doing forms in emails?

Any help greatly appreciated

  Sir Radfordin 17:41 10 Feb 2004

You have no right to supress the message and could get yourself into hot water if people found this is what you were doing (however possible or not it may be).

Why not tell people in the body of the email that this is the case and what they need to do. You may have people who do not want to reveal their email address (depsite the fact you had it in the first place!)

Why not produce an online form and send people to it from an email link - you will at least then know it will work for all email clients.

  marc-man 18:02 10 Feb 2004

Thanks for your response - good point about the having no right to supress the message. i will be taking your advice and be including some text to let the users know that the Outlook message will appear and to press OK.

  marc-man 18:04 10 Feb 2004

I also need the Submit button to not only submit the form data from the email to the specified email address but to also open a web page (just a thank you message for submitting the survey).

Any suggestions?

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