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  murgle 13:29 10 Sep 2005


Some time ago I tried to run a form on the 1&1 server which would not work. The form worked perfectly on a BT server however. In the end I used the 1&1 form tools to create the form. The problem with this is that I am unable to make the form look like I want as you can only use what is available with the 1&1 tools.

Does anyone know of a form script that will work on a 1&1 server.

Any help appreciated. 13:42 10 Sep 2005

I use this on all my sites for forms. Never liked the ready made ones on 1&1.

  murgle 13:48 10 Sep 2005

Where would I find PHP? I have frontpage 2003, is PHP what the Frontpage uses to build the forms?

Thanks 14:15 10 Sep 2005

that will handle forms server side. Just enter PHP into Google and you'll get hundreds of tutorials and scripts you can use.

  Taran 14:20 10 Sep 2005

Assuming your 1&1 account supports FrontPage Server Extensions (most do) then use the excellent FrontPage tools to build your form.

When you create a form in FrontPage you right click on it and answer a few prompts over where you want the results sent (database, email address etc). Fill in your email address, publish the site/page from FrontPage (do NOT use an FTP program) and as long as the FrontPage Server Extensions are active on your web space (check this in your 1&1 control panel) it will send to the email address you specified.

FrontPage Server Extensions are effectively CGI programs (sort of) that rely on the server side extensions to allow them to run and without going into too much detail they work very well for a lot of nice things, and form handling is one of them.

FrontPage is the only mainstream web authoring program that ships with a form handler built in that can process to a database (Text file, Excel, XML, Access, MS SQL etc) and/or send your form feedback to an email address of your choice.

If your 1&1 account is an entry level one you will not have the option to run your own CGI scripts and you won't have PHP support of FrontPage Server Extensions either.

  Taran 14:24 10 Sep 2005

Note: the FrontPage solution is not the best thing since sliced bread - it sounds like I'm going on about it like the Holy Grail of form handlers.

Your email address will be visible to harverster spider programs since it is embedded into the page code, but it works perfectly well, it takes no fiddling around with and you don't have to get your head around PHP. I like point and click...

Using PHP in a FrontPage web is not a walk in the park due to web publishing and file handling issues with how FrontPage publishes. It can be made to work though, and if your needs are anything other than relatively simple then I'd agree that a PHP or CGI solution would be far more appropriate.

  murgle 14:37 10 Sep 2005

Thanks for your help. I've just turned the Frontpage extensions on in my package so will give it a go.

It does concern me a little about spiders seeing the email address. I used to get a lot of spam until I changed to using 1&1's forms and changed the forwarding email address. Are there any solutions to prevent the spidering of the forms page?


  Taran 14:47 10 Sep 2005

Well, you could have the form send its submitted content to a database text file.

In FrontPage this file is, by default, _private/feedback.txt

You could have all form submissions sent to that file, then download it daily using FrontPage publish syncronise command.

Once you have your updated file you can copy it from your local web root folder to another location and process any new contacts.

Other than that, the only real way of hiding your email address is to use a PHP, ASP, CGI or similar form handler, but many of the available scripts will still list your email address in the page code.

  murgle 14:57 10 Sep 2005

Thanks for the detailed reply. I will look in to your suggestions.

Are you able to assist with my other post regaring navigation in Frontpage 2003, it is driving me mad.

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