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  bpzoom 09:20 01 May 2011

I have Windows7. Just recently every time I boot up an icon has appeared in the task bar which I have not seen before. After a short period it disappears. This last time I went straight into Task Manager and found a process running called FormMain_PMmonitor. I terminated it. A Google did not bring up any result. Has anyone seen this or know what it might be please? Is there any way of checking what it is doing while it is visible?

  Thalmus 09:31 01 May 2011

I got no idea what it is. If it is starting at startup then maybe you can identify it by typing msconfig into the search box and pressing enter. In the window that opens goto the startup tab and have a look there.

For the acutall process itself you can use Process Monitor which may give you some more useful info

  johndrew 09:41 01 May 2011

Not knowing whether this is your PC or one belonging to a company, there is a tool that permits monitoring of messages called PM Monitor link text

  bpzoom 10:03 01 May 2011

JohnDrew, Thank you. It is my private PC at home, apart from my wife who sometimes logs in to her internet account, no one else uses the machine. Is FormMain_PMmonitor an addon provided by Microsoft which I just ignore? Or is it an external entrant trying to monitor my activity do you think?

  johndrew 15:30 01 May 2011

Definitely a third party program but if it is the same I have no idea where you got it from - unless your wife/children/other is checking on you???

  bpzoom 17:39 02 May 2011

johndrew, thank you! I have found out what it is. I noticed last week that IOBiT had heavily updated their Advanced System Care freeware program. The home page is entirely revised. Part of the revision includes this new object which I have been worrying about. I went into Task Manager and right clicked FormMain_PMmonitor, then clicked show process, and there it was. I will just ignore it now I know it is connected with existing system maintenance freeware. Thanks again.

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