formatting what have i done wrong

  kimosabi 14:03 28 Aug 2006

Hi Guys
I have just fdisk my hard drive and done a format,but when i try to install winxp at the dos promt i get a message "this program cannot run from dos."When I fdisked it I deleted the
primary dos partion and recreated a new one am I right in doing that or have I done the wrong thing?? I have tried to setup winxp by changing my bootup to cdrom first but all i get is a dos promt.I am now installing winxp via \i386\winnt.exe this is going to take a long time but who cares as long as i have done the right.Your comment would be appricated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:07 28 Aug 2006

I have tried to setup winxp by changing my bootup to cdrom first

Did you "save and exit" F10?

Boot with The CD in the drive, wwatch for the message "press any key to boot from CD".

  kimosabi 14:22 28 Aug 2006

Hi fruit bat
yes I did save I don't get any message to press any key only when I boot from floopy disc

  FelixTCat 14:41 28 Aug 2006


Do you have an XP Upgrade disk or a full version? The upgrade version needs Win95 or Win98 to run the setup file.



  kimosabi 14:54 28 Aug 2006

Hi Fekix
Its a full ver I had win98se then winme so thats why I removed the partion to have a fresh install but I wasn't sure if I did the right thing when I fdisked it
regards kimo

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:01 28 Aug 2006

Try setting the CD drive as the only boot device for now.

  kimosabi 15:10 28 Aug 2006

should I stop the windows xp personal setup and start again or will this cause a problem because it going to take a long time this way because I did not have smartdrive loading

  mgmcc 15:42 28 Aug 2006

If you want to install XP from DOS, you need to format your hard drive as FAT32 and run the Winnt.exe file in the i386 folder on the Windows XP CD.

Windows XP's "Setup.exe" file *CANNOT* be run directly in DOS.

However, the XP CD is bootable and, even if the PC is set to boot from the hard drive before the CD-ROM, if there is no operating system on "C", it should boot from the CD.

  kimosabi 15:49 28 Aug 2006

I have been sitting looking at my moniter for the last two hours which has a blue background with the words windows xp personal setup thats underlined whith two lines and then "please wait while setup copies files to your hard disk" the the red light on my pc is shimmering so I don't know is it is frozen or it's still copying file??? any thoughts!!!!

  kimosabi 15:53 28 Aug 2006

All i had when I done an dir/p/o on my c:\drive was command .com is that right

  kimosabi 16:23 28 Aug 2006

HI mgcc
yes thats what I am doing now but as I said I have been here now for two hours and a quarter and have no idear if it isstill copying files it says it is but there is no indiction to tell me how long it's
going to be.I feel like turning my comp off and starting all over again but I am afraid too incase I cause a bigger prob the main thing is did I do the right proccedure when I did the fdisk (1 deleted primery dos drive)(2 created a primery dos drive) (3 formated that drive) bearing in mind the I had winme on that drive befor fdisking if that makes any scense??

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