formatting slave drive

  onesnakeyes 13:15 07 Sep 2006

Have two hard drives both now have windows xp proffesional on them. When i go into my slave drive it says i have to format it with only 30gb being shown on a 160gb hard drive. I did not put on any partitions so did i do something wrong when i put xp on it. I know dont need xp on both bought it while main hard drive was getting fixed. maybe i could format it again without putting xp on it but do not know how. Any help would be gratefully recieved.

  ArrGee 13:20 07 Sep 2006

I use this to good effect when wanting for format a drive
click here

  Ptolemy 13:32 07 Sep 2006

click on Start and go to the "My Computer" icon. right-click and select "Manage". This will open a window entitled "Computer Management".

On the left-hand side of the screen select "Disk Management". This will give a graphic of your drive setup. right-clicking on the appropriate sector gives you options for Formatting and removal of partitions etc.

From your description it sounds as if your slave has a 340GB partition with XP on it and the remainder isn't formated.

Right-click on the slaves XP partition and select "delete partition" and then format the whole drive, after that it will appears a the full 160 GB drive on "My Computer"

  Ptolemy 13:33 07 Sep 2006

sorry - 340 Gb should read 30GB

  onesnakeyes 20:48 09 Sep 2006

Having done the above it still tells me i only have 31.49gb of space where is the other 128gb gone. Any ideas or should i just wipe the disk and format the whole lot again.

  ed-0 20:54 09 Sep 2006

What does it say, in disk management, about your slave drive. Sizes and condition. click here

  DieSse 20:57 09 Sep 2006

The largest partition that XP can setup with FAT32 is 32GB - so perhaps that's what has been done.

NTFS doesn't have this problem - so if you wipe the drive clean and redo it in NYFS you'll be OK (if that's what's happened).

You can do all this with Disk Management - that's what it's there for.

  onesnakeyes 20:58 09 Sep 2006

(F:) partition basic healthy 31.49gb 31.49gb 100% no 0%

  ed-0 21:03 09 Sep 2006

Even if it was in fat32, the remainder would show as unallocated and you could convert to ntfs.

I think the hard drive has a 32Gb limitation jumper attached.

Do you know the make and model of this hard drive?

  onesnakeyes 21:05 09 Sep 2006

samsung sp1654n. It was done in ntfs.

  ed-0 21:18 09 Sep 2006

Is it set as a slave drive? then you need to use the middle jumper setting. click here

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