Formatting problems

  loopyloo 14:44 23 Aug 2006

I tried to install Norton Systemworks 2006 and everything went on ok but when it came to boot up nothing would happen. I switched off machine rebooted but it got no further then then welcome screen. I decided to set my laptop back to the factory setting using the restore cds which came with my PC. I have done this on several occasions previously and it has worked 100%. Now my problems begin. When it formatted and booted up the first thing I see is a screen with GO back on then it goes through the progess of booting up. I have since looked in my computer at my drives. Which was set up as per factory settting of Drive C and D totalling 90GB. Now I only have a C Drive and this amount is 90GB. What has happened to my D drive and what can I do to split 90GB into C and D. Also everytime the computer boots up it comes up with a Go Back screen. I have looked in the programs and registry but it doesn't show Go back at all. How is it still on my machine when I have reformatted with the restore CD.s. I'm going mad here. Help most appreciated.

  woodchip 14:52 23 Aug 2006

Sounds like you have really messed up. Only thing I can suggest is TestDisk click here download button on the left PS there is a Windows and a DOS version. If you cannot get into Windows then you can only use the DOS version

  loopyloo 14:54 23 Aug 2006

I can get into windows alright but as I say why does the go back screen appear at boot up and why has my D drive gone.

  DieSse 15:03 23 Aug 2006

GoBack messes with you MBR record on the hard drive, and reformatting does not remove the changes.

You can wipe you drive completely clean with KillDisk, or the drive manufacturers "write to zeroes" utility. (need to know the drive manufacturere).

Then you system makers restore will again do what you expect it to.

  woodchip 15:04 23 Aug 2006

If you can get into windows Testdisk will get your Partition back

  loopyloo 15:11 23 Aug 2006

I will try test disk first but how do I get rid of the go back screen at boot up. It says press the space bar but nothing happens. I want to get rid of it completely. As I say it is not showing in programs etc.

  DieSse 15:14 23 Aug 2006

*I want to get rid of it completely.*

Wiping the drive clean how I suggested will get rid of it.

  woodchip 15:18 23 Aug 2006

Look in Add Remove for Go Back. Also check MSCONFIG remove tick

  loopyloo 15:19 23 Aug 2006

Sorry to sound an idiot but if I use killdisk and it wipes the drive clean, do I have to put back on the drivers etc or can I put straight in my restore disks and use them. I sorry but I have only formatted drives using store disks which caqme with my pc's and not from scratch.

  DieSse 15:22 23 Aug 2006

You use the restore disks - they put it back in the state it came from your supplier - with all the software that was installed then - and nothing else.

  Diversion 16:13 23 Aug 2006

If it is a recovery disc that you got with the PC, and you have done a Full Format instead of a Quick Format. I think you may have formated the OEM from the computer which means that you will need a new OEM disc to instal the O/S, because the recovery disc can't put back the OEM. By the look at what you have put about C: & D: drives, you have somehow deleted the partition that you had on your hard drive too. If D: drive was storing your backup of C: drive, it looks like a clean installation job to me. I am not familier with laptops, but if that was a tower system the above would be my thoughts on what has happened.

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