Formatting outgoing messages on OE6

  The Bard 09:48 13 Jan 2004

I have read somewhere that the line length should be restricted to ensure that the layout is retained. Can anyone please tell me how this is done?

  DieSse 10:10 13 Jan 2004

All a "digi-sender" does is replace a cable. So if you could do it with a cable, you can do it with a sender. Just requires the correct connections at each end.

As for quality, well it'll be as good as if you were sending it to a TV in the same place as your PC. Probably not quite as good as a direct, short, cable connection, but perfectly watchable.

  DieSse 10:11 13 Jan 2004

??? - that isn't what I wrote or posted - sorry - i don't know what happened there - must have hit a wrong key!!!!

  Ben Avery 10:20 13 Jan 2004

Thought you was cracking up mate!


For Outlook Express 6:

Click on TOOLS>OPTIONS>select the "SEND" tab.

Under "Mail Sending Format" click on "HTML Settings..." and ensure that in the drop down box "Encode Text Using" choose "QUOTED PRINTABLE", then click on "OK"

Next click on the "Plain Text Settings..." and choose "None" from the same drop down box. You can then set the number of characters before wrapping at the bottom of the window "Automatically wrap text at "xx" characters, when sending."

You can manually setup the latter option for HTML but it shouldn't be necessary.


  Ben Avery 10:21 13 Jan 2004

Default is usually about 72/76 characters.


  DieSse 11:05 13 Jan 2004

OK - another try!!!

Even if you set a line length, there is no guarantee that this will retain formatting - if the preview window, or the window the email is opened in is set narrow by the user, or if they have their view set to text only, this will still lose any formatting you apply.

The only ways to guarantee that formatting is retained, is to send your message as an attachment (choose a format that is as universal as possible, such as Rich Text .rtf , which is available with most Word Processors.) - or to compose is in HTML like a Web page.

At the end of the day it all depends what you want to acheive - whether it's for business or just personal use, for instance.

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