Formatting a memory card

  Rotenone 20:12 06 Aug 2005

I have inserted a 512Mb Kingston CF memory card into the G drive(the CF slot) on my computer with a view to transferring the digital images on the hard drive. However I immediately get the message "The disc in drive G is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" What do I do next since I assume that if I format the card, I will lose all the images. Can anybody advise me what to do so that I can get the images onto the hard drive and not lose them.

  woodchip 20:16 06 Aug 2005

you should format the card in camera

  Technotiger 20:24 06 Aug 2005

Hi, I would suggest connecting cam to pc with usb cable (usually supplied with cam). Then transfer pice - slower, but probably safer in this case. As woodchip says, if card needs formatting at any time, do so In-cam.


  Technotiger 20:25 06 Aug 2005

Ooops - pics not pice!!

  Rotenone 20:28 06 Aug 2005

I used the card straight from the package and I have taken over 100 images. I did not format the card in the camera before use because the instructions say "Insert the card and it is ready for immediate use".
So how do I get the images onto the computer with losing them?

  woodchip 20:30 06 Aug 2005
  Chegs ® 20:36 06 Aug 2005

Do not format any camera cards on the PC,it knackers them.I had an old 8Mb card,I used to transfer a few files to another PC,and without thinking,formatted it in windows.Everytime I tried the card in a camera,it was no longer recognised.

  hssutton 21:08 06 Aug 2005

Sorry but formating CF cards in the PC does not Knacker them, I have been doing this on a daily basis for over five years, However it is an help if you know what file format they use Fat or Fat 32. MOst cameras use Fat, but such as the Canon DSLRs will use either file format

Have you checked via the camera LCD that the images actually exist?. I always format my new CF cards before use

  DieSse 00:15 07 Aug 2005

"Sorry but formating CF cards in the PC does not Knacker them"

It can do - you've clearly been lucky, but others will not be.

Camera formats are normally not identical to Windows formats - hence the standard recommendation by all camera makers to only format in the camera.

Canon say so click here

  hssutton 10:28 07 Aug 2005

I know numerous photographers that format via the PC. Also I'm not sure how you can say I've been lucky. As I said I've been using the PC for photography and to format my cards for over five years on a daily basis withour any problem.

I did make the proviso that you do need to know the File system, but as CF cards normally use the Fat or Fat 32 system there is no problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:55 07 Aug 2005

Do not format the card you will lose all your pictures.

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