Formatting HDD & the system files. ?

  Giggle n' Bits 13:14 07 Jan 2003
  Giggle n' Bits 13:14 07 Jan 2003

Can someone please explain this:-
I want to format the HDD of Win98Se using the Format command: Format C:/s which I have been told removes the system files also.

What my main intention is, is to spring clean HDD, then hope this cleans away all the old traces of Drivers and any corrupt or old sys or registry files in the process.

When using the /s switch does this actually shift the system files or not and what are the systems files exaclty. Eg windows or registry ?.

I do want to had some new hardware like a AGP VGA Card of different chipset type also.

Also noticed last time I installed windows 98Se about 12 months ago the Internet Explorer didn't get put in the Add/Remove programms box like other programms and software as if you were to install say a game or MS Office, they get put there but not I5.0 is it when you update the I.E it shows up?.

  Andÿ 13:19 07 Jan 2003

/s just makes the HD bootable and you don't even need to do that.

Format C: /s Or Format C: are fine and will remove all files on C: :o)

  Andÿ 13:21 07 Jan 2003

IE5 "is it when you update the I.E it shows up?"


  Giggle n' Bits 13:43 07 Jan 2003

myself but I didnt undertand the bit about the
":o)" ?

What does the :o) mean.

But again thanks for the valuble info.


  Andÿ 13:46 07 Jan 2003

Sorry for the confusion caused :o) is just a friendly smile...............

  Giggle n' Bits 14:01 07 Jan 2003

Thought there was a new command for formatting a HDD then.

Many thanks for the info, apreciated!.


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