Formatting HDD from startup disk

  mr.curious 23:21 06 Jun 2005

Dear members,
I have formatted my HDD bez my PC had been attacked by virus. I tried to format the HDD from startup disk. But when boot from startup disk, it shows A:\> . But I can't change to C: . I have no idea how to do it.
Finally, I had formatted with windows install cd. I am now using win xp sp2.
But , I still want to know how to format the HDD from startup disk. If you have any idea, plz help me.

  Number 7 23:38 06 Jun 2005

if you chose the NTFS option when you installed Windows,or when you formatted from the CD, or your computer was supplied with NTFS as default, you won't be able to format the hard drive from DOS.

When you boot form the floppy drive you'll see this:


If you type c:
You should see this:


If you don't, then your hard disk is probably NTFS, and you can't format it from DOS.

You can use FDISK to partition it, but you can't format it from DOS.

  tyfish 23:59 06 Jun 2005

hi i`m new to all this! what is the dos command to format the hard drive?

  Strawballs 00:13 07 Jun 2005

If you have a xp cd then set to boot from cd in the bios then put the cd in and reboot then follow instructions

  mr.curious 07:20 07 Jun 2005

Dear Number 7,
Thank you. May I know how to format NTFS HDD. I use the NTFS system.If I can't use DOS to format NTFS HDD, do I need to change FAT 32 to before format?

  Number 7 11:28 07 Jun 2005

If you want to keep NTFS, then you can't format the hard disk from DOS- you can only format a FAT32 partition from DOS.

When you run the Windows install CD it will ask you if you want to do a complete reinstall, say Yes, the hard drive will be formatted and Windows will install.

  DieSse 11:47 07 Jun 2005

XPHome installation floppies from MS click here

XPPro version click here

  mr.curious 14:40 07 Jun 2005

Dear members,
Thank you. I had two partitions NTFS before formatting. When I startup from install CD, it allows me to format( where new OS will install) only a partition. So, I delete partitions and install new OS. But, I can partition again in my New OS. That is the story how i had resolved. Thak you all for your kindness help.

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