formatting a HD for dual boot

  User-359419E1-4301-4293-B57B323B4A77A8F1 12:13 08 May 2004

My laptop has a 20gb HD,i want to create a dual boot of 98SE and XP.what is the best way to partition the HD.
When i run Windows 98se setup after the formatting phase i get an error message saying MSCDoo1 doesnt exist.How do i get it work??

  sicknote 12:56 08 May 2004

What H/D are you using ????

  mgmcc 13:02 08 May 2004

If you are starting from scratch, boot with a Windows 98 "Start Up" disk (boot floppy) and run FDISK to remove all existing partitions. Now create a new primary partition of the size you want for your Win 98 installation and set it active. Leave the rest of the hard drive unpartitioned. Come out of FDISK and press Ctrl-Alt-Del to reboot again from the floppy. At the prompt, type "FORMAT C:" (without quotes) to format your "C" drive. Reboot again this time with CD ROM support and at the prompt, type "SETUP" (without quotes). If Setup won't run from the "A" prompt, change to the letter of your CD drive, which will temporarily have been displaced by one letter (if normally D will now be E). Install Windows 98.

To install XP as a dual boot, put the CD in the drive while Win 98 is running and follow the on-screen instructions. Let XP's setup partition the unallocated space, format the drive (choose FAT 32 or NTFS, but Win98 won't be able to see an NTFS drive) and install the operating system.

Your original error about MSCD001 not existing probably indicates that you didn't boot with CD ROM support before trying to run Setup from the CD.

You MUST install Windows 98 before XP because XP supports multiple operating systems and will provide the boot menu from which you choose the OS to load.

Actually i ve booted with cdrom support((perhaps its not the right drivers)).thanx mgmcc
its a toshiba HD >sicknote.
plz poste back if u have more suggestions

  mgmcc 13:22 08 May 2004

During the boot process from floppy, it should actually say the CD drivers have been loaded and the device is MSCD001

thanx i will try again

  sicknote 14:16 08 May 2004

Silly question are both Floppy and CD drives in PC together???? or do you have swop them around ?????

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