Formatting Hard Drive Problem

  bullseye 21:46 21 Apr 2003

I have been merrily formatting some small Hard Drives, and I have come accross a 4.3 gig ide,
I've gone through the normal procedures as I did (successfully) with 2 or 3 others but this one says at the bottom of the screen ' Trying to recover allocation unit' and its on 641,744. this is after 2 hours. Does anyone out there know why it is doing this and could it be that the Hard Drive is knackered ? any help would be appreciated. With thanks in advance.

  Switcher 22:08 21 Apr 2003

The disc is as you have deduced is partly Knackered.

You could try creating two partitions and then attempt to format, both hopefully one will be OK.

If you are patient enough you can create a large and a small partition with the faulty sectors in the small partition and thus have a reasonable sized other partition to format.

  The Sack 22:12 21 Apr 2003

go to the makers site, find there hard drive utils and force a zero fill on it, it will over write the bad sector windows marked as bad. It may or may not make it perfect but as these utils are free you have nothing to lose.

  BlueMeanie 23:15 23 Apr 2003

Also try partioning the Hard Drive into different drives ie Primary partion 1 Gb , a secondary partion 1Gb, and a third partion as 2Gb, (no need to format), reboot then repartion as you really want, this can sometimes kick-start the drive into doing what you want.

Otherwise I agree with switcher, that it looks to be a naff, but try to spot at what percentage the hard drive becomes unusable, and then partion and format to that size ie if it becomed "bad" at 50%, partion the primary section to that size or slightly less ie 49%.

  woodchip 23:19 23 Apr 2003

Try running a full scandisk and fix on it

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