Formatting a hard drive

  rafael 16:34 18 Nov 2005

Hi, i wondered if anyone can help with a very irritating problem.

For some reason, when i check the properties of my hard drive, it says that only 2 gB are free, out of 115gB. I have no idea how ive managed to accumulate so much data.

Ive tried disk cleanup, but nothing happens, and ive tried defragmenting, but that takes hours.

I want to get rid of everything, and start again from scratch. I dont care what i lose, i just want it all gone, and reinstall windows xp (home edition), which i have the CD for. I dont want to try disk cleanup or defragmenting again.

Also, when i go to My Computer, the Local Disk appears in blue letters, which im pretty sure is not good news. I think ive deleted some windows files, and maybe thats got something to do with it.

Ive tried disk management, right clicked on local disk and clicked format, but i get a message saying that it cant be done.

Every time i reinstall windows in the hope that ill lose everything and have an empty hard drive (which ive done about 7 times this week)i dont lose data. Its all still there.

How do i empty my hard drive completely and just have windows there?

By the way im not very technical, so if you know how, please dont bombard me with too much jargon, and if you must, please do explain what you mean, even if it seems obvious.

PS. Again, my objective is to end up with an empty hard drive, with only windows xp (home) on it.


  VoG II 16:37 18 Nov 2005

Format during the installation of XP click here

  rafael 16:44 18 Nov 2005

I forgot to mention that ive tried formatting during installation of windows, but the only option that seems to be open to me is to just install it on one particular partition, and when i try to create a new one or delete one, it doesnt do anything.

  aca 16:44 18 Nov 2005


If you can back up important stuff you need, and also have CD copies of all the software you need, can make note of all the settings etc
I would be tempted to do a clean reinstall of XP. This does need quite a bit of preperation but the process is fairly painless.

By doing it you will lose all your data and end up with a new installation of XP so you need to think carefully whether you want this. Go to click here for step by step guides. Have a read and see what you think.

  ACOLYTE 16:50 18 Nov 2005

If you have another pc you could put the hd in there as slave and format it in computer managment this should delete all on there.

  Forum Editor 16:52 18 Nov 2005

and start your machine. Assuming that your BIOS settings have the CD ROM in the boot list your computer will start the Windows XP CD setup routine, and this will detect a previous installation. You'll have the opportunity to delete or format existing partitions, and at the end of the process you'll have a fully formatted drive with a clean installation of Windows XP, and nothing else - no programs and no data files whatsoever.

Before you start make absolutely sure that you have drivers for your printer, scanner, and any other peripherals, and that you have the necessary details for your email settings - smtp and POP3 server names etc.

Back up any files which you need to keep, and backup your email address book. You will lose everything, and you would be surprised how many times people think they won't need files, and then discover that they do.......when it's too late.

  Forum Editor 16:53 18 Nov 2005

we were all typing at the same time.

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