formatting a hard drive

  GOBEEN 00:56 08 Jan 2004

please can someone tell me, word for word, how to format a hard drive with win 98. se. installed on it already.thanks,GOBEEN

  beeuuem 01:04 08 Jan 2004

There are several tuorials which cover this of which click here is only one.
The Microsoft information on a format only is click here

  beeuuem 01:10 08 Jan 2004

Another TUTORIAL is click here

  GOBEEN 01:30 08 Jan 2004


  cream. 01:42 08 Jan 2004

In plain English, as what this site does.

First back-up all the data you do not want to loose.

Then make sure you have all the drivers you need for your hardware, graphics and modem are a must.

Now with your win98se disk ready reboot the computer. When it re starts keep pressing the delete key. This should bring you into the cmos or also know as the bios. Now pick advanced cmos settings and look for an entry for the first boot device. Alter this so it shows cdrom, you do this by using the PgUp or PgDn buttons. When you have done this press the esc. key.

Now pick save settings and exit or the F10 key. Pick Y for this. The computer will reboot. Slip in the windows 98se disk into the cdrom.

The computer should boot straight into the windows c\d. It should give you 3 options. Pick the first, boot with c\drom support. Let it load and you will get to an a prompt. a:
After the a:\ type format c: note the space between the format and c:

So it will look a:\ format c:

and the press enter, it will then ask if you are sure to format, press y and enter.

The machine should then format the "C" drive.

When done it will ask for a volume label, this is just a name you can call the main drive, if you don't want to just press enter.

This will get you back to the flashing a:

now type sys c: after the a:

so it looks like this,

a:\ sys c:

after a few seconds it will sys system transfered and go back to a\:

This is the most difficult as you must find your c\d drive, easy for those who have formatted regularly.

With most systems a hard drive and a cdrom are installed. This usually would be c+d drives. Because win98 loads a ram drive the cdrom drive is moved up one letter. So on the above drive the cdrom would be moved to the "e" drive.

So at the a: type a:\ e: and enter.

this will give you a,flashing e:
now type after the e:\ win98\setup and enter, this will look like,

e:\ win98\setup

Now windows 98se will start to load.

Hope you can follow this, good luck.

If I had 10p for every time I have had t do this I would have

27p? lol

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