Formatting a disk

  croydon 12:14 09 Jul 2003

I need to format my disk to FAT32 (from NTFS) so that I can install Win98 (or ME) rather than XP Pro.

What steps need to be taken to format a disk? Thanks.

  MichelleC 12:34 09 Jul 2003

The easiest way is to r-click on hd icon in my computer, and select format. This will give you prompts. Otherwise you can do it thro dos.

  Lone Crow 12:46 09 Jul 2003

You need to run the command from an external source, usually a floppy disk. Most people would have an Emergency Bootup disk with the necessary commands preloaded, but your details are so sketchy I can only guess at your situation. If you already have the PC running XP Pro why not use it to create a separate partition and run a dual-boot system until you are sure everything is okay with the 98 or ME side? Info on that would be available from your Help facility.
If your PC is being built from scratch you would need access to another PC in order to create a bootable floppy disk with the FDISK and FORMAT commands on it (or download a general purpose disk file from Put the floppy in the drive and start the machine so that it boots into DOS. At the A: prompt type FDISK C: and press Return. After the hard disk has been prepared by Fdisk type FORMAT C: and press return. Follow the onscreen instructions to format to Fat32. Once it's all done, remove the floppy and put your Win98 or ME CD-ROM in the drive and reboot. The CD should autorun and it's then only a case of following the on-screen guidance to install the operating system. Bear in mind that if you Fdisk or Format an existing drive you will lose ALL data on it, so back up any files you want to keep before you do anything drastic! Hope this helps. LC.

  croydon 13:11 09 Jul 2003

I wasn't able to format the disk through My Computer, presumably because Windows and other programs were running.

The reason I am doing this is because I have bought a new PC that I want to run XP on, and I want to go back to Win98 or ME on the old PC. This is to enable me to check the installation routines on software I've developed, plus I only have one XP license.

I have an ME boot disk and I have run FDISK at the a: prompt as suggested. This told me that I have a disk larger than 512mb, so I took the option "Y" for 'Large Disk Support'. I then took the option "Y" to treat NTFS partitions as large' (is this right, because I don't want NTFS?).

The next option is to create partitions. Do I need to do this? This is where I'm currently stuck.

  Megatyte 13:14 09 Jul 2003

If you don't have one download a 98se boot disk from click here

Run the download and follow the prompts.

Boot from the floppy that you've made and select option 2.

Type fdisk at the A prompt and enter.

Select display partition imformation.

Make a note of partition types.

Press esc.

Select delete partition and delete any partition that you had noted.

When all partitions have been deleted select Create DOS partition.....

Re-boot and select option 1.

Type format c:

Your drive is now formatted and ready to load 98, and CD drivers are loaded into RAM.


  Megatyte 13:17 09 Jul 2003

Just seen your last post. The ME boot disk will do.


  Megatyte 13:22 09 Jul 2003

If using ME boot then the option numbers I posted are different. Option 1 = CD support, Option 2 = no CD support.


  croydon 14:59 09 Jul 2003

Thanks for the help so far.

I have now run FDISK, deleted the NTFS partition and created a DOS partition, and formatted the disk.

I then ran e:setup with the Win98 CD loaded and I got the message:

"Setup found a compressed volume or disk-cache utility on your computer. Quit setup and check your compressed volume with your disk compression software or remove the disk-cache utility. Then run Setup again."

I have no idea what can be causing this. Any ideas on what I should do next? Thanks.

  Megatyte 15:04 09 Jul 2003

Go back into Fdisk and check that there are not anymore partitions(Display partition information). If there is delete them.


  croydon 16:03 09 Jul 2003

There is only the DOS partition that I created (Type: PRI DOS).

  croydon 16:10 09 Jul 2003

I've just noticed another message before that: "This version of Microsoft ScanDisk will only work with MS-DOS versions 5.0 and later."

The CD I'm using is Windows98. The bootdisk is Windows ME.

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