formatting CD-RW

  eric_bloodaxe 21:25 30 Mar 2009

i feel sure i used to be able to format a re writable disc of whatever variety and use it like a hard drive, ie add files and delete them randomly. I cannot find a way to do this in XP Pro using Media Player 11 (I think) Is this still a way of using re writable media and if not in Windows itself then is there maybe a 3rd party utility that does it in a way that will allow access to the files by the OS.?

  csqwared 21:34 30 Mar 2009

Think what you need is InCD - look here click here


  woodchip 22:30 30 Mar 2009

As above or DirectCD one is NERO other is ROXIO

  eric_bloodaxe 23:26 30 Mar 2009

thanks for the clarification, i do recall having Nero and InCd now i think on it. however when i tried ur link I got a download alright but every time it gets to the registration page and asks for name company and serial number and i dont have the last one and the install button stays greyed out. what is going on? also there seems to be a lot of adverse comment about InCD causing all sorts of problems with the OS. I really have enough problems already without more. How do I get the thing to install and is it going to work if I do?

  Stuartli 00:10 31 Mar 2009

You have to pay for Nero - perhaps that's why you are not able to download it?

To be honest, using CD/DVD-RW disks is not a wise move. Their reflectivity levels are very much lower than -R disks and might prove difficult for some drives to read.

Much better to splash out a little on an external hard drive and have far superior reliability as well as a very substantially higher capacity level.

  MAJ 00:48 31 Mar 2009

Just right-click on the drive containing the RW media and choose Format from the menu. Stuartli is correct though, RW media isn't the best media to use if you need to backup data for any length of time. It's okay for short term storage of not so important data.

  woodchip 12:40 31 Mar 2009

MAJ don't think that works. you have to use Packet Writing Software to Format a CD or CDRW

  MAJ 13:36 31 Mar 2009

Hi woodchip, I'm not sure as I'm on Vista (at the moment) and don't have any CDRWs. I only have a few DVDRWs and I tried it with those on Vista, using the method I described, it worked flawlessly, I don't have InCD installed on the Vista machine. I'll try it later on the XP PC using the DVDRWs, but I don't think it will be any different.

  woodchip 15:32 31 Mar 2009

So Windows Have included Packet Writing to Vista.

  MAJ 16:02 31 Mar 2009

It appears that they have, woodchip, as it doesn't work in XP, I have just tried it.

  eric_bloodaxe 23:32 31 Mar 2009

I am using XP Pro and have no plans to even consider Vista. What I want is a place to plonk drivers that are needed when i re install the OS so i can get at them without going off all over thet net so I thought a re writable disc would do but I could use a flash drive nowadays. InCD maybe only works with Nero and the link above does say FREE software, but no worries. Thanks for the help; I will try to be useful in my turn. XP certainly seems not to offer any packet writing option so I will drop it.

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