Formatting a CD to be used like a floppy disk

  User-04B10BC8-186B-449C-9B4AC9BC3E5EC0C2 21:59 21 Feb 2003

Hi Guys....I need help on this please...
I have Nero Burn....and i wan't to format a cdrw or cdr ( would like to know also which is the best to use)so i can use it like a floppy disc..
now my problem is Nero can format the cd for me ..
....but when its nearly done after about 1/2 hour..a notice comes up and says please reformat again then must i do that.Is there any way i can tell if i have done it right or not..i have wasted nearly a pack already..when i think every thing is ok..i start to burn "in multisession " then i get currupt message or that i cant write to the disk cause it has data on it.
how can it have data on it before i burn it on??
Thank you in advance for any help please.

  Ironman556 22:05 21 Feb 2003

To use a cd as a floppy, a cd-rw is better to use as you can actually delete the files from the CD and write on the space again. Using a CD-R would let you write files, and delete them, but all the delete does is tell the cd that the files isn't there, and doesn't actually delete it. therefore you can only put about 650MB of data onto a cd-r in this way, and after 650mb is written and deleted no more can be put on, so you'll have to format a new cd-r.

  MAJ 22:05 21 Feb 2003

You need "INCD" to use CDRWs as floppies, theboss, you can download it from the Nero site. Personally I wouldn't bother, CDRWs aren't very reliable, I certainly wouldn't trust any important data to them. Use CD-Rs in multisession mode, they'll cheaper and a lot more reliable.

  Ironman556 22:14 21 Feb 2003

Some cheap cd's can look like they've got data on, so the "Value Pack" of 100 may not be as good value as you'd think as half of them get thrown away. I don't know what cd's you're using, but try different brands, some cd-writers will get on fine with some, yet be rubbish with others. I'd use a cd-rw until you get it sorted it saves wasting a load of cd-r's.


Thanks Guys

I understand now which cd's are best and I do have INCD in the software.....but what i need to know is Must I format the "same cdrom twice" and why?? please.It doesn't seem very reliable when i do this.....any better suggestions for me??


  Ironman556 22:34 21 Feb 2003

You should only have to format the disc once. It may run a check to confirm that the disc is correctly formatted. If it's giving you an option to reformat, then try clicking no, and then see if you can use the disc.

Thanks Everyone.....Guess i will only format it once in the future....probably not really knowing what i am doing doesn't help me....
I will be back if thats ok.....if i still have problems.....cause compared with formatting a floppy disk.....its much more confusing.....well for me anyway hahahaha..


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