Formatting C Drive in WinXP Home

  patrickbuckley 18:05 20 May 2005

I havew decided that the only way that I can solve the problems with my hard drive because of it being infected, is to format my C Drive and then get in better security than at present. It used to be very straightforward when I had Win98 - simply start up in DOS and then format. How do I do it in XP Home Edition?
Many thanks

  Eric10 18:13 20 May 2005

In the BIOS make sure your PC is set to boot from CD before hard drive then boot from your Windows XP Home CD. During the setup procedure you will be given the option to format the drive.

  Buchan 35 19:20 20 May 2005

Hopefully you`ve got the necessary XP Home CD`s

  dan11 20:08 20 May 2005

has done the hard work and produced a guide. click here

  Buchan 35 22:46 20 May 2005

Patrick, when you want to format click on My Computer then Right click on C drive, assuming C drive is your Hdd, Then click on Format. However read everything thats been posted here first

  dan11 08:31 21 May 2005

Sorry, but that will not work. Windows will not format it's self. It must be either done from, boot C|D, floppy disks or as slave in another computer.

  patrickbuckley 17:50 23 May 2005

Even though I have the Win XP disk, it does not give me the opportunity of formatting the C Drive. It offers either an upgrade, which is not relevant, or Advanced. I have tried simply to reinstall WinXP over itself but it won't let me. Is there no DOS facility at all on WinXP so that I can do format C:/
Thanks for all the help so far offered but still haven't got tthe answer yet

  gardener 18:08 23 May 2005

They should know!!!

click here

  Buchan 35 19:24 23 May 2005

I`ve just installed a second 40 gig HDD with Win XP Pro aboard and formatted it. It`s clean as a whistle

  fitcher 20:05 23 May 2005

xp does it for you.even if you add an extra drive it will tranfer over to it .from the system and format it in the process .so does win 2000..

  Eric10 20:38 23 May 2005

Are you sure you have a full version WinXP CD and not just an upgrade from an earlier version of Windows?

You can format a second drive or partition from inside Windows XP. You cannot, however, format the boot partition as this contains files needed for Windows to boot and run. click here and look under "How do I format my hard drive under WinXP?" for various methods to accomplish this.

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