jerica 15:07 21 Dec 2010

Hi again, a while back my C drive went weird on me and refused to run XP, so after trying to re install XP to the C drive and failing I installed it on my D drive. Works fine. Just got Windows 7 and want to do a dual install by putting 7 on my C drive. I have manually deleted a lot of stuff from C and tried to format it but it keeps failing to format and there are a couple of files that will not delete. Any ideas? Thanks.

  GaT7 15:19 21 Dec 2010

Run a full diagnostics check on C. From WinXP, right-click the drive > Properties > Tools > Check Now > Put a tick in both boxes before clicking on Start.

Once it completes, try formatting it again. If you're unable to, then the C drive may contain XP boot files (usually boot.ini, ntdlr & ntdetect) from your installation on D - this happens sometimes. There's a way round this, but I'll tell you what to do only if it fails again.

I'm also aware you have a related thread running at click here. I'd recommend closing one (resolved green tick) & keeping one open. G

  Press Man 15:23 21 Dec 2010

Go to click here;1 and download Active Kill Disk.
Use this to wipe your C drive completely then use your Win7 disk to format the C drive and install Win7.

  GaT7 15:29 21 Dec 2010

I wouldn't recommend using KillDisk at this time (sorry Press Man). If there are XP boot files on C as mentioned, it'll make D unbootable. G

  jerica 17:18 21 Dec 2010

I've done the error check and no joy. I'll also close the other thread.

  GaT7 18:14 21 Dec 2010

Have you tried formatting it from Device Manager (DM)?

What does it say for C: drive in DM? It may be one of the following three: Healthy / Healthy (Boot) / Healthy (System).

Thanks for closing the other thread btw. G

  GaT7 18:37 21 Dec 2010

Sorry, by Device Manager, I actually meant Disk Management! G

  jerica 07:34 22 Dec 2010

C says Healthy (System) and D says Healthy (Boot), also when I right click C and look in properties it says there is 11GB used but I can only find about 1 GB of stuff (not that I know if this means anything).

  jerica 07:40 22 Dec 2010

Also when in disk management I highlight C and click action, all tasks, the Format option is not available, it's there but not usable.

  GaT7 13:29 22 Dec 2010

As I thought before, when installing XP on D, its boot/system files have made their way onto the C drive. I know it shouldn't have happened but it does. This would also explain your inability to delete files on C - it's because they're being used by D.

Your easy way around this is to disconnect the C drive (pull power / data cable with PC switched off). Then run a XP repair-install on the D drive - basically installing XP over itself. Or, better still, just do a fresh XP install.

Once you can safely boot into that with no problems (it will be called the C drive for the time being), reconnect the other drive & install Win7 on it, ensuring to choose the correct drive during the 'Custom' install.

Once the Win7 install is complete, & the PC reboots, you'll get 2 options at the beginning of startup, offering Win7 or XP on a 30 secs timeout. Win7 will most likely install itself as the default OS, so will boot into it if you don't do anything for 30 secs. If you want to boot into XP, you'll have to use the down arrow key to manually select it & press Enter. This 30 secs timeout can be reduced if desired when in Win7 by using the bcdedit command to edit its boot file - instructions at click here.

Any more issues or queries, just post here. G

  jerica 16:51 22 Dec 2010

OK, ta for the info. The 7 hasn't arrived yet so I'll keep you posted as to progress. Thanks again.

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