Formatting 2nd Hard disk

  denali 11:55 18 Apr 2004

I have installed a second hard disk on my PC (thanks to the help I received from the Forum). I got the disk from my brothers firm. It is 12gigs and only three months old. The problem is it is almost completely filled with data from his job and I was wondering if there is a way to format it without interfeering with my main disk. I have it set as slave drive D. My main disk is drive C. Both disks have win98se. I would appreciate any help on this becaus I have lots of work related tech. stuff I want to keep seperate. Many thanks

  JayDay 11:58 18 Apr 2004

I presume you have entered your BIOS and made sure the 2nd disk has been recognised?

If you have then start your OS as normal. Go to My Computer. Right click the 2nd drive, and select format. Simple as that.

  denali 12:25 18 Apr 2004

Thank you for your quick responce. I can see what I have to do and it looks simple. I apologise for being naive, but I will obviously need an operating system to use it. Any ideas on how to do that. Thank you


  JayDay 12:30 18 Apr 2004

If you haven't changed your original drive (C Drive) then everything should work fine. As you have made the 2nd drive the slave you should just boot up using the original C Drive

  Diodorus Siculus 12:48 18 Apr 2004

To clarify matters:

each pc needs one operating system, regardless of the number of hard disks.

If the OS is installed on one of the disks, then you can do what you want to the other disks (within reason!), including formatting, partitioning, and so on.

Open "my computer" and choose the disk that you want to work on, in this case, drive D. If you right click you will be able to format it.

IF you have XP or 2K you can use disk management by right clicking on my computer and choosing "manage".

  denali 13:00 18 Apr 2004


Diodorus Siculus

Thank you chaps, again please excuse my ignorance,
Am I right in assuming I can format my slave and use it from the OS on my main drive although it will be blank.?

  JayDay 13:15 18 Apr 2004

Yes you are correct. The 2nd drive will be totally blank. It does not need Windows or anything esle on it. You just copy whatever you want to it.

  Djohn 13:15 18 Apr 2004

Yep, it will still be there and show in your "My Computer" just direct any programs to the second drive as you would the C: drive.

It will probably show as your D: drive and when you click on it it will bring up an empty window. Right click your mouse in the window and create some new folders. [Name them] and start saving to them. j.

  JayDay 13:19 18 Apr 2004

Don't apologise for asking questions that might seem obvious. We all have to start somewhere. You're doing the right thing by having a go and asking questions.

PS You might want tos tore your documents on the second drive so if you ever have to reformat the C Drive you won't lose them.

  denali 13:28 18 Apr 2004

Thank you all so much.
I have done as you have all suggested, just transferred one folder to start with and it seems to be working fine.
Once more. Thank you all very much.


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