Sobeit 17:23 08 Jul 2006

Ok i'm getting nowhere.
I have corrupt files somewhere along the line and I cannot get as far as formatting with the xp disk.
Is there another way of formatting 'manually'?

  Sobeit 17:26 08 Jul 2006

I just want a clean disk with no bloody corrupt files.

  mattyc_92 17:28 08 Jul 2006

If you can't boot from your installation disc.... How may I ask will you install Windows afterwards?

You can use KillDisc (click here) to format

  Sobeit 17:34 08 Jul 2006

Ok, the disk is my original xp cd so I don't see why that should be corrupt.
Something went wrong when I attempted to formatt and do a clean install.
It got as far as loading some windows files then told me some files could not be loaded.
Originally I saw a small 8gb partition that I think I should of deleted. I may of left stuff on that small sector that was corrupt or something.
Now I want to get back to square one but every time I attempt to install I get
CDBOOT memory overflow error
NTLDR is missing.
I have googled and tried to follow some suggestions but I am stuck.
I think if I can just get the drive formatted again, I could then boot from the cd.

  mosfet 19:00 08 Jul 2006

Can you not delate the partition's with your XP disc & start again?

  Sobeit 19:36 08 Jul 2006

No Les, I dont get as far as that option.

  mosfet 20:01 08 Jul 2006

Then back to KillDisc as mattyc_92 or a similar prog to wipe hdd.Are you sure the XP disc is clean?

  No idea 21:27 08 Jul 2006

Have you enabled your Bios to boot from your cdas the first boot option?

  Sobeit 21:55 08 Jul 2006

Yes the disk is pretty much perfect.
Yes I have the cd as first boot option.
I thought, to use these progs to disk wipe, you had to get into windows?

  mosfet 22:02 08 Jul 2006

No you put them on floppy & boot from it so nothing to do with windows.

  rdave13 22:34 08 Jul 2006

Try inserting xp disc in drive then shutdown pc and switch off at the mains. Leave for a while then power up and try a reformat.

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