bribert 18:57 16 Dec 2005

Please help if ya can??? I got my PC new last year and it came with windowsXP on it already. I want/been told to format but been told that I need the windows disc. Do I need the windows disc? I have a back up/recovery disc will that be enough? What do I need to do? Yours in hope, confused

  stalion 19:05 16 Dec 2005

firstly why do you need to format? secondly your recovery disk if used should take you back to the factory settings when you first received the pc but you will lose all your added software and files
If you use the backup/recovery disk you do not need to format

  bribert 19:12 16 Dec 2005

was advised to just to purge my system, spyware or virus, as I have not not done that since getting my machine. Do I need the windows disc to format? thanks

  woodchip 19:16 16 Dec 2005

recovery disc is all you need but save your files as it will over write the disc

  VoG II 19:16 16 Dec 2005

Do you have anti-virus and anti-spyware programs?

What actual problems are you having?

  bribert 19:27 16 Dec 2005

i have norton anti virus and spy bot S+D and micro soft anti spyware. they are all showing nothing found. My machine runs alot slower than I/my friend who knows more than me but not by much think it should.

  VoG II 20:14 16 Dec 2005

Try defragmenting.

  bribert 20:23 16 Dec 2005

pc says that it does not need defragmenting.I am doing a scan with trendmicro just now and will try that afterward just in case. Cheers

  Fellsider 20:37 16 Dec 2005

My machine runs a lot slower than I/my friend....

Is your processor the same speed as your friends? and have both systems got the same amount of RAM?

If not there will be a difference.

  stalion 20:43 16 Dec 2005

whoever advised you to format your drive is going to cause you a lot of unecessary work it obviously does not need to be done

  Sharpamatt 20:57 16 Dec 2005

Formating will loose everything on your drive, even reinstalling will loose any items you have saved or installed.

You first need to update all your Virus, anti spyware programs,and ensure you have an effictive firewall

I also suggest before doing anything you look in the forums on each of these subjects,

You need to run updates for each program, or install more up to date programs,

You need to know how spys and virus can hide in system restore. once that has all been done then you can move on in improving your problem

But formating is not the answer more another problem

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