Formatting 2 MB disks

  Meeres 17:49 25 Feb 2003

I'm fairly new to computing so excuse my ignorance.
I am running windows 98 and have a few files of about 1.8MB capacity which i wanted to put on to floppy disk for backup.
I bought some unformatted 2MB disks but when I try to format them I have a drop down menu which only gives me the option of 1.44 or 720 KB.
How can I overcome this and make use of the full MB capacity?

  MAJ 18:01 25 Feb 2003

A floppy will only hold 1.44 MB. If you have larger files to save, try zipping them up, or use CD-Rs.

  mcullum_DX4Life 18:08 25 Feb 2003

They will be unformatted 2mb that when formatted will be 1.44mb ;)

  jazzypop 18:16 25 Feb 2003

It is a design decision, first within DOS and then Windows, to limit a 'high-density' floppy to 1.44MB. This is to ensure compatibility with as wide a range of computers as possible.

There are (I believe) various utilities that will allow you to use more than the standard 1.44MB, but probably not as much as 1.8MB.

If you search (use Google) for WinZip, you will find that this program can 'squash' your data to take up less space on the disk. Depending on what the original files are, they will very likely go from 1.8MB to less than 1.44MB

Buying 2MB floppies does not give you any real advantage on a PC.

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