formatted hard drive and loaded xp i need help

  ROB.R 20:12 16 Nov 2007

I downloaded an original copy of XP Pro yesterday and decided to install it and clean out my hard drive. I deleted all the partitions that were on the hard drive including XP Home. I formated OK. I did however notice that it never asked me any internet connction questions as setup normally does.

Now I can't connect to the internet A quick look at device manager shows me that I have a few problems. In 'other devices' it shows the following - ethernet controller, PCI device, SM bus controller, These have question and exclamation marks next to them. Properties shows no information just the location of these devices. my motherboard is micro-star inc
version 2.00
i have no discs i got the pc made for me and the man that made it does not live there any more.i dont know a lot about pc,s please can you help me

  DieSse 21:18 16 Nov 2007

"I downloaded an original copy of XP Pro..."

Really? - you mean a legal copy that you paid for, with a product key? - from where?

If you can confirm that, I'm sure we can help.

  MAJ 21:19 16 Nov 2007

Where did you legally download a copy of XP Pro?

  norman47 21:20 16 Nov 2007

click here all is revealed

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:21 16 Nov 2007

You will nedd to load the drivers for all your equipment.

You did back up your drivers before deleting your XP home?

  DieSse 21:30 16 Nov 2007

OK- read the other post and all was revealed. Sorry for being suspicious, but I'm sure we all realise why.

  ROB.R 21:41 16 Nov 2007

i am sorry but i posted this on 2 forums this one and Absolute beginners sorry

  umbongo(uk) 23:23 16 Nov 2007

rob r

what you are missing is the drivers for the onboard peripherals, these usualy come on a disc with the motherboard and need to be installed after operating system is installed ,to make things like sound ,chipset,lan ports etc work

if yopu have lost this disc or one didnt come with the computer ,find out the name and make of your motherboard

from there you can go to the web page and download the drivers

one way to find the motherboards name is to open the case look were the pci slots are and it will be printed there
or run
everest to find out make and model , if your having difficulty
click here

  MCE2K5 23:28 16 Nov 2007

His Motherboard is either,

1: click here


2: click here

  umbongo(uk) 23:31 16 Nov 2007

2 boards come up for the model you have posted take a look for which is yoours

then click on the downloads tab tht is above next to products
now click on the driver tab and download all the drivers for your board install these and you will be up and running

  umbongo(uk) 23:32 16 Nov 2007

click here

link above for msi page to select your board

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