formatted drive can not see drive t instal windows

  Gordon-174916 12:12 13 Sep 2005

have reformatted with xp windows disk & with windows Me but still it can not see the drive
the following is then shown 0x000000050 (0FX87C04AB) )X00000000,0XF87C04AB, 0X00000000
this is on a blue screen
Please help if you have meet this problem or the
tower may just fly though the glass

  Totally-braindead 12:47 13 Sep 2005

What make is the hard drive and is it new or not.

  Diemmess 12:48 13 Sep 2005

I think you now have a hard disk at least part of which is NTFS system. If so, Windows ME cannot recognise the formatting.

Unless someone comes up with a better idea, use a W98 startup floppy (can be downoloaded from the net), and go through the old DOS routine of FDISK.

  Totally-braindead 13:23 13 Sep 2005

The reason I asked the make of the drive is, if you go to the manufacturers website you can download tools which boot from a floppy and can check the hard drive for errors as well as formatting the drive to Fat 32 or NTFS. Maxtor use Maxblast for example.

  Diemmess 13:46 13 Sep 2005

Totally-braindead has a good point, particularly with a Maxtor HD. I did it for 2 Maxtor disks and found it unbelievably quick and easy, though they were brand new.

My suggestion of going back to the FDISK routine belongs to an earlier era, but has the benefit of a one purpose program which gets there even if it seems to take forever to complete and FORMAT.

  DieSse 16:54 13 Sep 2005

Also capacity and type of drive, and approximate age of motherboard, and whether any other drives are fitted please. And which version of Windows are you trying to load?

You say "it" cannot see the drive - what cannot see the drive? - and under what circumstances?

  woodchip 17:05 13 Sep 2005

that looks like a memory problem, if you have more than one stick memory remove all except one and retry, you may need to try the ones you take out. Also make sure they go in the lowest slot number 0 or 1

  Gordon-174916 19:59 13 Sep 2005

The drive is Maxtor & I have run the Instalation software for thisI have formatted Drive on NTFS & FAT32 the former attepting XP & Me on Fat 32 & in both cases after formating using the windows disks
the report is that it can not find the drive the drive has been replaced with the maxtor as I thought the other drive wS FAULTY I have used windows Me start up disk to ustart from scatch in both types of windows The mother board is Gigabite running 2400 Athlon processor I have installed the dir files from floppy it runs with CD support in both cases & after loading windows files it reports that the drive is not available

  woodchip 21:30 13 Sep 2005

May be a Faulty ribbon cable

  DieSse 22:37 13 Sep 2005

"I have installed the dir files from floppy"

What does that mean please - it's not an action I recognise?

Did the system ever work, or is it a new one?

Did the orignal drive appear to stop working, so you replaced it with a new Maxtor drve?

"I have used windows Me start up disk to ustart from scatch in both types of windows"

If you use the ME startup diskette to try and start an NTFS formatted hard drive - then you will certainly get an error, as it can't do so.

Is this a parallel or serial interface drive?

  DieSse 22:39 13 Sep 2005

PS - sorry to just keep askng questions - but without a history of what's gone on, we're all just guessing in the dark.

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