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  isititis 00:32 20 Nov 2009

I have formatted the drive on an old pc using the Win XP Home sp2 installation disk and got all the MS updates. I now wish to use the drive as a backup for my HP Pavilion, running Win XP Home with sp3, but I am not sure as to how I should proceed.

The connectors from the drive to the mobo for the formatted drive are the grey coloured type that has a second connector, which, presumably, is for a second/backup drive. There is also a connector that comes out of the drive to the floppy drive and the power supply.
The problem I have is that the connectors for the drive in the HP pc, are different to the formatted drive. The connectors in the HP are SATA type and have no other connection point for the drive I wish to use as a backup.
Please advise.
Additional info. The drive in the HP is split, C and D the D being a recovery partition.
Thank you in advance to all who help.

  OCTCORE 05:19 20 Nov 2009

It sounds like your old drive is IDE and your PC is using SATA ? You need to confirm that your motherboard supports IDE ? There will be a slot marked IDE on the motherboard, all you will need is a cable and the old style four pin power connector which may still be bundeled in the Power supply loom. If you find there is no IDE slot on the board, you have some options, buy an internal SATA drive or buy a USB hard disk to use externally. Hope that helps.

  Technotiger 08:02 20 Nov 2009

Place your old drive in one of these, then connect to PC via USB or Firewire ...

click here

  sharpamat 08:04 20 Nov 2009

Your quickest and cheapest will be to buy a USB caddy Around £25 with their own power supply.

Go for the joint IDE SATA options so you can update the drive if you wish later

Just follow the instructions to put your drive in the caddy. Turn on first then plug into a USB port the drivers will install and your drive will be ready

before unpluging click the remove hardware icon on your taskbar

  isititis 10:54 20 Nov 2009

Thank you, guys. It looks like I have options here. I will look at them and decide which to go for and get back as soon as poss with the results. I'm up to my eyes right now.

  isititis 20:19 20 Nov 2009

The mobo is an RC410-M and has 2 IDE connection points numbered 1 & 2, plus a connection point for a floppy drive. The number 2 connection point is occupied by the dvd/writer drive. There is also 4 SATA points, 1 is occupied by the drive that came with the pc.
What I want to do is put the formatted drive out of the other pc in the drive space of the HP and connect it up using the vacant IDE connection point. There are 4 white coloured 4 pin power plugs that are numbered P4, P5 and P6. P2 is connected to the dvd/writer. Which one of the P4, P5 and P6 connectors do I use to power the drive?

Once the drive is installed, is there anything else to before I do a backup.
Thanks again.

  Technotiger 20:52 20 Nov 2009

If these are the power points emanating from the PSU, it does not matter which one you use.

  woodchip 21:02 20 Nov 2009

Is your CD DVD drive running on the IDE channel? if so does it gave a extra connection on the ribbon Cable if it does you can connect it to that and just set the derive jumper to Slave

  cream. 21:08 20 Nov 2009

click here

If your dvd writer occupies IDE2. You can connect the IDE hard drive to socket IDE1. You just need to buy a 80pin IDE ribbon cable, about £1 at a computer shop.

Find a spare bay to slip in the drive, check the jumper is master. Connect the ribbon cable to the motherboard and then into the rear of the drive. Plug in the power connecter and then start the computer.

  isititis 21:25 20 Nov 2009

Technotiger. Yes. All the power points are from the PSU.
Woodchip. Yes. the CD/DVD drive is on the IDE channel, but I don't know how to set the drivr jumper to slave. I don't even know what a drive jumper looks like! Please advise.

  woodchip 21:41 20 Nov 2009

If you have a Drive look on the top for a little diagram of pins and position of jumpers jumper will b same or opposite edge that ribbon cable fits you will see about six or seven pins in a group with a jumper over two pins this as to be moved to the ones you want to set as slave the connect it the ribbon cable that cd is on if there is a free socket red wire need to be toward the power plug

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