formatted into 3 partitions only one showing

  Beverley Anne 13:14 19 Oct 2005

Hi Everyone!!

got me a 40g seagate HD and an enclosure box to work it from usb port on my windoes 98se pc
I have formatted it into 3 parts using seagates software but only one is showing as "E" drive with 9gbs on it.
Does anyone have any ideas what I have done wrong and how to get it right?

this is the first time I have put one of these boxes together I thought I would save me some money this way.

  sharkfin 13:35 19 Oct 2005

I'm not 100% sure but I think you may have formatted the 2 other paritions and now they have become unallocated. That is, not been assigned a drive letter.

Have a look through your seagate software again and see if theres an option to create a partition. If there is, you should be able to turn the unallocated space into partitions.

  Beverley Anne 15:12 19 Oct 2005

sharkfin thanks for the quick reply.

I had several goes at creating another partition but as before only one show I when the pc restarts
do you or anyone else know of other methods for me to try

I have 1 external HD which I want to partition into 3.

Any help is grately recieved

Thanks Again

  Doire_Bhoy 15:52 19 Oct 2005

What year is your BIOS? Theres a limit of 8 or 9 gb (for HDD) on older BIOS

  sharkfin 16:26 19 Oct 2005

Can you increase the partition so that you have 1 big 40Gb parition?

  keith-236785 16:50 19 Oct 2005

try using a windows 98SE boot up disk click here


use fdisk to create/remove partitions (dont forget to change the drive (option5 i think) in the fdisk menu) and use Format to errr format them. same again, make sure you format the USB drive, not the main hard drive

not sure about a usb drive though, it might only be recognised via windows (the startup floppy is a dos based prog, many years before USB came along)

if you cant see the USB drive then you might need something like Partition Magic, or Ranish Partition manager (freely available from the download section of this site ) or a google search.....partition magic is to pay for im afraid.

  sammael 17:24 19 Oct 2005

Goto control panel, administrative tools, computer management and click disk management in the navigation bar. Make sure all 3 partitions have a blue bar along the top. Any showing a black bar means unallocated space (I believe theres another colour for allocated but unformatted space but am not 100% on this). They must be formatted before they will be assigned a drive letter.

  sammael 17:24 19 Oct 2005

Actually, thats in XP - I'm not sure with Win98... sorry

  keja 02:58 20 Oct 2005

Sorry, late on this, but just on the off-chance...

Under system properties / device manager / hard disk / settings tab, try setting reserved drive letters e - g?

I seem to remember having a similar problem.

  Beverley Anne 08:41 20 Oct 2005

thanks everyone who took the time to read and reply.

I tried using the seagate software without success so I brought Acronis Disk Director and that did the job in a matter of a few clicks

I put them into 3 logical drives as they were only to back up data

suits my needs perfect.


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