Formats for CD & DVD Roms

  iscanut 14:03 12 Apr 2005

Can anyone point me in the direction of a web site, document, etc that clearly explains what all the various formats are, such as CD-R, CD-RW, DVD +RW, DVD -RW etc.... There seem to be so many now it's getting confusing !

  PA28 14:10 12 Apr 2005

Try have a look around here click here

  TomJerry 14:29 12 Apr 2005

CD: Compact Disc, it is an optical disc hold data of 650MB to 700MB, Hi-Fi use it to store 1 hour of music, the CD you buy from store is made by a process called "Pressing" based on a master template, the CD produed is actually called CD-ROM where ROM stands for read only memory, so you cannot write on it

Now come to fine bits: computer use CDs to store data, to produce it, the computer use a laser to burn information on it

CD-R: Cd writeable, which means blank CD and can be written once only.

CD-RW: CD Re-writeable, it means that it can be written and erase and written again and again, upto 1000 times.

DVD: Digital Versatile Disk (it has been incorrectly called Digital Video Disk in many places). It can hold data ff 4.7Gb (or 4.35GB more precisely). It can also hold high quality movie of
1 hour+. Again DVD you buy from store is pressed and it is DVD-ROM, you cannot write on it again.

Dual Layer DVD, most DVD movies actually use dual layer DVD, it means it has two layers to store data, so it can hold 8.5GB or a full feature length movie.

DVD-R: writeable (recordable) blank DVD disks

DVD-RW: rewriterable blank DVD disks

more fun bits: DVD+R similar to DVD-R, DVD+RW simi;ar to DVD-RW. + and - are developed by different manufacturs, but the difference does not matter anymore because more devices can deal with both formats now.

  iscanut 15:45 12 Apr 2005

Thanks chaps !

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