formating spare drive question

  aine 12:15 17 Jan 2009

My "D" drive, I wish to format it and use it for backups.At the start of the format, a message appears,( this drive is in use). How can I check what is using it?. This drive used to be my "C" drive but this drive was replaced with a larger drive, I assumed that my PC was using this larger drive"C". any help would be welcome. Aine

  Pineman100 12:28 17 Jan 2009

Are you sure that the newer, larger drive is actually your C: drive, and has your operating system on it?

To be certain, open Windows Explorer and right-click on your C: drive, then click on Properties. Note the size of the drive. Now do the same for your D: drive. Is C: the larger?

  aine 16:11 17 Jan 2009

Thanks Pineman100, yes it is the larger of the 2 drives. I went to F2 and the only drive listed, is the larger one in the list. After posting, I had a thought, the smaller drive already contains a backup I did last night. Do you think "in use" refers to the fact that the PC would use this drive if a recovery was needed. I had in mind formatting this drive and putting another backup on it, and only using it for backups. Aine

  Technotiger 16:29 17 Jan 2009

Hi, you should see in your My Computer your recently cloned C: drive and also your smaller drive D:. If this is correct (and it should be), then don't worry about what is or might be using D: drive, just right-click on D: and choose Format, preferably NTFS.

  Technotiger 16:31 17 Jan 2009

In the hopefully, unlikely event, of needing to restore using one of your backups, this would be done via a Rescue CD, which would then get all the necessary info from whichever saved backup you choose, which by then you will have made on D:.

I hope that makes sense.

  Technotiger 16:34 17 Jan 2009

Hmm, just re-read your original comment - if you have just made a backup and saved it on D:, why do you now want to format the drive?

If it is because you have some left-overs still on D:, then I would say Yes, go ahead re-format D: then make a fresh Full Backup of C: and save it on D:.

I assume you are using Acronis to do your backups.

  aine 17:01 17 Jan 2009

Hi Technotiger. This is the follow on from our new drive saga. The new drive is stable and I decided to format the older drive and only use it for backups. Our earlier saga 23/12/08 as a reminder.Using Saga for backups

  Technotiger 17:42 17 Jan 2009

Yes, I realised that, I had not forgotten. Have you already done a backup of your new C: to drive D:. and do you still have other stuff on D:?

I would have expected you to format drive D: before making your full backup of your new C:

  aine 18:52 17 Jan 2009

I just did a trial backup, the d drive is still full of the original data. Now everything is okay, I decided to start from scratch,format it and then backup.

  aine 18:55 17 Jan 2009

Forgot to ask, after the backup is it easy to transfer to D drive?

  britto 03:29 18 Jan 2009

( this drive is in use).

I had to switch off system restore for D: before it would format

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