Formating Slave Hard Drive

  Boy Zone 20:26 13 Mar 2003

Can someone please advise me?
I have a slave HD 80Gb which is showing to have 30Gb free. I have NO data on this drive, after transferring all the data to my C drive. When I ran Norton speed drisk it shows there is data. Also, when I review the properties of the drive it tells me that there is only 30Gb free.
I have thought about formating this drive. How is the best way to carry out this action. My operating system is Win XP home.

  cream. 20:52 13 Mar 2003

Are you saying that your 80gig is only showing as 30gig? As it always done this?

If so check that there is not a 32gig limiting jumper installed on the back of the hard drive.

To format the drive.

click here

  Boy Zone 21:09 13 Mar 2003

Thanks for your advise, did what you said, but a mesasge came up informing me that teh device was being used, and do I want to force teh format by clicking yes, but this carried a warning..
Any advice
PS disk size is 74.5Gb fress 28.2 Gb
PLEASE advice

  misery 21:35 13 Mar 2003

sure you transfered the data onto your C drive nad not merely copied it over?

  cream. 21:48 13 Mar 2003

You say that you have a slave hard drive of 80gig and you have 30 gig free. You are not confusing this as a partition on your main hard drive are you?

If you are not then what size is the windows bootable drive, eg C drive.

Go to my computer and right click both drives, scroll to properties. What are the sizes there.

There is a confusing part here when you say that you have 30gig free, but norton says you have data and 50gig of data is hard to hide. lol

If you are absolutely certain that this is a separate physical hard drive and you want to format it, then try this first.

Go to start -run and type msconfig. Pick the start up tab and untick every thing. You will be prompted to reboot, do this.

Now do the above again. What this does is suspends any progs running in the background that may interfere with the formating of drive D. Some progs may be installed on D drive that appear in this start up list.

  DieSse 22:10 13 Mar 2003

Why don't you look at the data and find out what it is??

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