Formating a rewritable CD.

  Shine77 16:21 31 Jan 2007

Is it possible to format a rewritable CD so as to use it like a floppy disc or memory stick?

In other words, so that I an add data to it without having to erase any previous data I've saved to it?

I've heard this is possible to do but can't find any information anywhere about how to do it.

  [email protected] 16:32 31 Jan 2007

The INCD feature of NERO will do this
Have a look here :-

click here

  Totally-braindead 16:34 31 Jan 2007

Yes third party software like Neros InCD will do just that. However when I tried it, and this was a few years ago there were problems, so much so that I stopped using it.
I'm sure there are other programs as well but I never use CDRWs any more as they are just too unstable. Far better in my opinion to use a standard CDR and create a multisession disk and just keep adding on stuff till its full.
My CDRW disks went in the bin years ago when I couldn't get some of the information off them.

  Shine77 16:43 31 Jan 2007

Thanks for the responses.

So would I create a multisession disc on a CD R in the same way?

And in searching for other programs that do the same thing, what would I search under? What are they commonly known as?

  [email protected] 16:47 31 Jan 2007

You can download INCD from this site for free if you want to give it a go click here.

  Shine77 16:53 31 Jan 2007

Oh, that's handy. The other site was selling it only as part of Nero and since I've got an older version of Neros that meets my needs I didn't really want the whole thing.
Thanks for that.

  Totally-braindead 00:31 01 Feb 2007

Its Nero I use, when you get to the final screen on it where it says BURN theres a box you can tick to create a multisession disk. Just tick that and you can keep adding till its full.
I use Nero 6 and I assume that its that version you have.

  Shine77 11:58 01 Feb 2007

That is very ahndy to know as I've not downloaded the INCD program yet. I checked on Nero (which wasn't easy!) and found out I've got 6.

  Shine77 10:13 10 Feb 2007

...but when I try to create a multisession disc the box I need to tick is unhighlighted so I can't do that. I'll download the INCD program instead!

  Totally-braindead 12:56 10 Feb 2007

What sort of disk are you using to create a multisession disk as I am unsure if it works with CDRW but I know it works with CDRs.

  Shine77 13:15 10 Feb 2007

Ah, I'll have to try it with a CDR as I'm pretty sure my initial attempt was with a CDRW. Thanks for that, very helpful!

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