Formating new second drive

  Johny C 01:48 24 Aug 2004

hi guys and gals

tomorrow i am buying a new hard drive, fitting it wont or shouldnt be a problem, but once i have fitted the drive as a slave then how do i format it? will windows automatically find the drive and can you just format it through My Computer.

any help would be appreciated

Many thanks ............. John

  THE TERMINATOR 01:58 24 Aug 2004

Yes, just the way you said it....TT

  pc moron 01:59 24 Aug 2004

Which version of Windows?

  Djohn 02:46 24 Aug 2004

If your using XP then fit the drive and boot your PC. The drive will not show in your "My Computer" at this stage but don't worry.

Right click on the My Computer Icon and choose Manage from the drop down menu, then Disk Management. You will see your main drive listed as Drive (0) this is your master drive or C: drive with the operating system on.

The new drive will be listed as drive (1) but will not have a letter assigned to it. Right click in the bar of of drive (1) in the right hand pane and choose "Initialise" then partition. You can now divide the drive up or use the whole drive as one partition. Once you have decided which to do right click again in the same place and choose "Format".

If you do the normal full format it may take an hour or more to throughly check the drive but seeing it's a new drive choose "Quick Format" and it will be done in a few seconds. You can now assign it a letter of your choice and if you now exit the window and go back to My Computer the drive will be on show and ready to use.

Sounds a bit complicated but it's not and a wizard will guide you through the settings as you go, just answer the questions and click next. If you make a mistake, don't worry you can go back into disk management as many times as you wish and play about with the settings of the drive, just remember not to touch the C: drive, or as it will be shown Disk (0) j.

  Johny C 23:49 28 Aug 2004

Hi Djohn, terminator and pc moron

I followed djohns way of doing it and it worked a treat. Thanks for that

The only problm is that the drive is a 160Gb and is only showing as a 127Gb drive

Any ideas why this is or have i been sold a dodgy drive

Thanks again............ John

  goonerbill © ® 00:24 29 Aug 2004

As you followed Djohn guide, i assume you have winxp. its is showing 127gb as this is the max size that windows see's but not that it is what has been formatted. do you have SP1 installed as this was corrected then.

  Johny C 00:35 29 Aug 2004

Hi there

Yes my windows update is regularly checked for new updates, so i do beleive i do have SP1 installed, yes having jujst checked in add/remove programs, and it is listed.

So i dont know why its still being listed as 127gb limit

Who knows

Cheers............. johnyc

  goonerbill © ® 08:58 29 Aug 2004

have you installed the drive in the bios. there should be an option to auto detect all drives installed. maybe this could be the problem.

the only other thing to try will be to boot from xp cd and format the drive that way using xp's own partition program.

sorry i cant be of more help.

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