formating 2nd laptop problem.

  >steve< 22:23 05 Sep 2006

i have just tried to format my other laptop all went well but when i restarted the pc i noticed it still had the original installation of xp still on the c drive i thought when you done a full format it got rid of everything how can i get rid of this its on the c drive so its not created a new partition whats going on?

  sean-278262 22:24 05 Sep 2006

If you formatted the drive using the windows CD you most likely reinstalled xp. How did you go about formatting the drive?

  >steve< 22:30 05 Sep 2006

what i done is put the xp cd in the drive and chose to do a full install during this process it asked me if i wanted to reformat i chose yes the process seemed to go fine i cant work out why it didn't wipe everything and start afresh.

  sean-278262 22:37 05 Sep 2006

It sounds to me as if it did, you would of then carried on with the xp install. Therefore the only thing on the drive will be the XP install.

  sean-278262 22:38 05 Sep 2006

AKA it is fully formatted

  >steve< 22:53 05 Sep 2006

it done a full format but it left the original installation on i dont know how this happened its puzzled is it best to wipe this disk now?

  sean-278262 22:58 05 Sep 2006

A full format will just leave XP on. You cannot use the XP disk to format the PC totally blank. If you are planning on selling install XP and tell the buyer that they will need to get their own XP code if that is why you are doing this.

  >steve< 23:07 05 Sep 2006

what i am doing trying to wipe it completely because i have been advised by many to wipe it completely before i sell it i thought xp could do this the person who is buying it as his own retail version of xp so im not concerned with leaving xp on in fact i would prefer to leave nothing at all on the hard drive i suppose i could use f disk or kill disk what do you suggest.

  sean-278262 23:10 05 Sep 2006

You can. However I advise just leaving an unregestered XP on it and making it easier for the other person to get XP back on and at least they can check it over before hand. Hammer eraser over the disk over night to ensure it is fully cleaned.

  sean-278262 23:12 05 Sep 2006

By unregestered I mean dont call home to microsoft (via the web or phone) to verify it. This means you dont loose out and the buyer can see it definately works fully.

  >steve< 23:22 05 Sep 2006

yes i see. the person as seen it and checked it out but i am reluctant to let it go while some financial details are on the pc you suggest eraser is this a free application?and if i do use a application like those mentioned xp should boot from disk correct?

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