Format Vista to XP

  SirMetal 18:17 10 Nov 2008

Hello, if i decide to install Windows XP on my Ei System 206 Machine Formatting the hard drive and deleting vista, will XP have all of the necessary drivers for the machine to operate?

(I can reinstall the graphics card etc.)

Just the core drivers
And also what effects will this have on my PC?

Intel Celeron D - 3.46GHz
ATi Radeon Sapphire HD3450 512MB GPU
19" SyncMaster 920N 1280x1024
Windows Vista Basic

  MAJ 19:16 10 Nov 2008

As long as there are drivers, it shouldn't have any effect on your PC. Which motherboard and hard drive do you have installed. SIW click here will tell you. If it's the Foxconn motherboard, go here and see if it has all the XP drivers you require. click here Don't forget you'll need SATA drivers and some way of installing them (if it's a SATA drive you have) before installing XP.

  Batch 19:17 10 Nov 2008

Depends how old the machine is.

It may not have all the specific optimum drivers, but may well still work.

If you go to Windows Update after installing XP, you may find that it suggests some driver updates for download.

Alternative is to go to the component manufacturers web sites.

When I bought a PC without an OS recently, I just downloaded the following drivers from the mobo manufacturers website:

VGA, LAN, Audio and Chipset.

But, as I say, the PC ran OK without them.

As for difference - you may well find it runs faster (esp. as you only have 1GB of memory)

  Batch 19:19 10 Nov 2008

Following MAJ's post - for mine the Intel Chipset drivers included the SATA drivers.

  SirMetal 19:25 10 Nov 2008

This is my Hard drive:


i dont think that's SATA?

  MAJ 19:30 10 Nov 2008

That's a Western Digital 160 GB IDE drive, so you wont need SATA drivers. Just check your motherboard's manufacturers' site for the drivers Batch mentioned and you should be OK to go.

  woodchip 19:33 10 Nov 2008

You will not be able to put XP on by just doing a format, Windows will not let you are the Drive boot sector as been changed by Vista. You need to wipe the drive then start with XP cd not a restore CD as this will not work. You should as above also make sure you have all the drivers, Windows may ask for Sata Drivers if you have Sata drives when loading

  SirMetal 19:38 10 Nov 2008

how can i wipe the drive if im not doing it from the xp cd?

  woodchip 19:42 10 Nov 2008

By using Killdisk click here
Download on the left, put floppy in slot then double click the file after you download it. then start with floppy in

  SirMetal 19:43 10 Nov 2008

i don't have a floppy drive, i only got the pc last christmas ¬_¬

  woodchip 19:52 10 Nov 2008

Then you would have to either use a USB stick or make a bootable CD with the program on it. You would have to change BIOS to boot from whatever you are using the file on

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