format to use xp, wish I never bothered

  Fred the flour grader 16:13 11 Feb 2007

Hi guys,

got a new laptop for xmas and as a result the old win 98 system stood in corner of room not being used. The kids want it upstairs in their bedroom so they can use the net up there and have their own pc. I got a version of xp home and was told to format the drive of the win 98se pc. I have done this and get as far as putting the xp cd in the disc drive and it spins up. It then says press any key to boot from cd... and that's as far as I get.
The only thing I noticed was in the boot up sequence it says "secondary master disc cdrom mode 4
secondary slave disc cdrom udma2,
Can anybody help me with this so I can get this computer working?
Thanks in advance....Fred

  p;3 16:33 11 Feb 2007

bookmarking; also to ask; the xp disc you have acquired is an original ,one presumes , and not a copy?,

  ding dong dave 16:37 11 Feb 2007

is your xp disc a upgrade or full version?

  Fred the flour grader 16:38 11 Feb 2007

it's a copy of xp home that a friend in the computer industry has given me.
I think the problem is something to do with the mode on the cd rom as it is making like a clicking noise

  Rtus 16:42 11 Feb 2007

you need to be sure the old w98 unit is young enough /capable of xp home .Is the xp copy on DVD by any chance?

  p;3 16:45 11 Feb 2007

if I read that right; it is NOT an original disc? if it is not, but a copy someone has done for you (who should really know better) then you should not be using it and nor really can this forum give advise on it as that I beleive breaches forum rules

you need ORIGINAL discs and not copies ; or am I reading this wrong?

  Fred the flour grader 16:48 11 Feb 2007

It is an old pc running p111 450 mhz. with 320 mb ram. The guy who gave me the disc said it should be ok to work on this set up. I am intending to put it on a network when I get it running.

  p;3 16:52 11 Feb 2007

with respect, that still does not answer the question of , is it an original disc or a copy; if it is a copy then you really cannot use it and nor really can the forum help as to do so would be to assist with an illegal operation;

  p;3 16:57 11 Feb 2007

·' 'Cracks' or copyright infringement - we do not permit the posting of information that will enable other people to use pirated software or to evade the copyright laws. Please do not post serial numbers or CD keys, or links to sites that contain illegal material of any nature, or links to other sites that offer such information. Do not ask other forum members to provide you with help or information that will enable you to illegally obtain copyright-protected material, or to circumvent product registration or activation requirements.' a quote from the forum rules, just to remind you

  Fred the flour grader 16:58 11 Feb 2007

jesus!!! ddoes the "p" in your moniker stand for policeman?

It is an original copy with a box and I have the installation key pass to go with it. Does that clarify it for you?

  ACOLYTE 17:05 11 Feb 2007

No need to get offencive, p;3 was correct to point out the rules,from your own post
"it's a copy of xp home that a friend in the computer industry has given me"

that could be interpreted lots of ways,anyway as for the cd mode its either PIO or DMA,DMA is best if your player supports it,it sounds like an old pc so it may or may not.


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