Format USB ext.HDD to FAT32 from within XP

  jack 10:24 03 Mar 2007

How without paid for utilities such as Acronis or perhaps with if a free download

  terryf 10:41 03 Mar 2007

try pressing F1 from desktop

  ICF 11:01 03 Mar 2007

Is it a new drive?
Do you need to keep the data on it?

  jack 11:33 03 Mar 2007

Thank you Terry f -did not discover the answer to my ? which is how to format to FAT32 from within XP
format only allows NTSF as far as I can see.

This is a new - empty, unformatted drive.

  anskyber 11:37 03 Mar 2007

Is the drive one you have "created" for yourself/

The reason I ask is all the external HDDs that I have seen from the usual manufacturers come preformatted in FAT32.

  anskyber 11:38 03 Mar 2007

Otherwise, click here

  bremner 12:23 03 Mar 2007

I am guessing that the drive is bigger than 32GB as this is the maximum FAT32 that XP will format.

The best way is to download from the disk manufacturer their utilities disk - ie Maxblast from Maxtor - this will let you format in FAT32 above 32GB.

Or if you know someone with an AppleMac get them to do it for you. The Mac will format a disk of any size in FAT32

  bremner 12:29 03 Mar 2007

Here is Seagates and Maxtors click here

  jack 10:43 04 Mar 2007

Thank you all for the responses- some of which are begining to make sence to what is happening.

anskyber -Is the drive one you have "created" for yourself... This a readymade drive that had a NTFS part on it -whuch was given to a lady with an ME machine.
I Have rid of the NTSF part and am now trying to get it to FAT32 to be suitable for her and to be 'universal'
The drive is badged DIGITUS and has a 'Samsung' movement -Have downloaded the Samsung 'bits' and am playing here
Also playing with 'PARAGON' disc management system found on a PCA cover disk.
So far the machine knows it is there, Disk management shows a clean 'active' disk- but not the FAT32 although Paragon says it is
As this is a 40 Gb drive, it could be that size limit thing kicking in
So far no Icon is appearing.
Keep the heads scratch chaps

  skidzy 10:58 04 Mar 2007

Not sure if this will help much click here but is free

  octal 11:16 04 Mar 2007

I've come from using Puppy Linux click here and that's got a copy of Gparted and you seemed to be able to do just about anything with it, I didn't fiddle too much because I didn't need to do anything.

When you plug the drive in it will show up as either sd1 or sd2 which will have to be mounted, but that's easy because there is an application to do that, I can't remember it's name, but there's no commands you have to use it's all driven by the GUI.

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