format and set up hard drive

  world leader 16:25 03 Dec 2005

i have a 80gb(master) and 120gb(slave) hard drives on my pc and i was wondering if i could formatt both drives and reinstall windows xp(home) to have both hd's to be recognised as one; as in, have no partition or master/slave config

  PaulB2005 16:28 03 Dec 2005

Only if your motherboard supports RAID.

  007al 17:04 03 Dec 2005

why do you want to change your current set up?
your set up is ideal.

  world leader 20:27 03 Dec 2005

motherboard supports raid and i have tried to do it but unsuccessfully.wonder if you could direct me to a website that runs through the process??

turning pc into media center and was looking into set up for this.but b4 i do this i still need to see when i use as media center i can still run it at the same time as a pc

  007al 20:39 03 Dec 2005

did you use the raid floppy to install it?

  world leader 20:50 03 Dec 2005

no raid floppy to install of of.
nothing on hd floppy or in system bios

  PaulB2005 21:58 03 Dec 2005

What motherboard do you have?

  PaulB2005 22:01 03 Dec 2005

BTW with those drives you can set up either a RAID 0 array which will make a single 200 Gb drive but if either drives dies you loose everything.

Or you can make RAID 1 but it'll only be 80 Gb as it can only be set up to the capacity of the smallest drive and then the other drive is used to mirror the first as a backup.

  Longhouse 00:08 04 Dec 2005

If I understand what you are trying to do, you need to establish if your RAID controller supports JBOD. See the links below:

click here

click here

  PaulB2005 00:16 04 Dec 2005


The RAID levels array from 1 to 6, 10, 50 and 0+1

RAID 0 is not a "true" RAID array as it have no fault tollerance. i.e if one disk dies you loose all your data.

click here for the types

  world leader 13:36 04 Dec 2005

thanx guys for all the info. i'll post this b4 i start just incase i cant get back online to thank u all l8er

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